Room API text ??? symptom + more questions


We are considering a streaming service using a media server.
I have been using FlashPhoner for about a month. I am very satisfied.

I have some questions.

1. Room Api chat service supports different languages
Is the Room API chat service only available in English?
If you enter Russian or Korean, the text is broken. (?????)
Attach the flashphoner server log.​
2. For testing purposes, we configured Origin1 + Edge1 on AWS with the C4 specification.
What is the maximum performance (based on concurrent users) at which the server can operate stably? How can I test? Or let me know if you have a clean spec.​
3. The actual service needs more servers. Perhaps the actual service I think is ...
- Basic is 100 views basic model per broadcast.
- There are a number of broadcasts (streaming).
- Most broadcasts are about 10,000 views and should support up to 100,000 views stably.
How can I calculate the required server quantity and network traffic?
(** Please reply to this question by email if possible.)
Please answer me.
Have a nice day.
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Good day.
1. It is a known issue with national symbols in REST hook queries and RoomApi (which based on REST hooks). You can use encodeURIComponent() to encode text message before sending and decodeURIComponent() to decode it when receiving
2. You can test server perfomance using WebRTC stream pulling as described here.
3. You can calculate required servers quantity based on the following example: one Edge server 2 x CPU Xeon 8-10 cores, 64 Gb RAM, 10 Gbps link per 2000 viewers. So it requires 5 Edge servers per 10000 viewers. If you suppose to use stream transcoding on server, there are additional limits: maximum 5 streams 360p, 3 streams 480p, 2 streams 720p or 1 stream 1080p per one CPU core, so it's recommended to use separate transcoder servers with as much CPU cores as possible in this case. CDN with transcoder servers is decribed here.