Rtsp stream failed


We are facing the issue while playing some of RTSP streams with error as shown in the attachment

Screenshot 2022-07-22 at 7.33.35 PM.png

Please Check the report uploaded


Staff member
Good day.
The first stream we see in logs provided seems to be captured successfully

But you're opening the page via HTTP. not HTTP, so WebRTC does not work

Please use HTTPS to open a page in browser. Also, we can't reproduce the problem in Player example https://wcs:8444/client2/examples/demo/streaming/player/player.html. So please reproduce it, and, if not, modify the Player example code minimally to reproduce the issue, then send the code using this form.
The second stream in logs has a problem with codecs that camera tries to publish

WCS supports only H264/90000 or VP8/90000. Please also note: if you change SDP only, but the camera still publish 1000 samples per second, the stream will be played as lagging (very low FPS), so campera must publish 90000 samples per second.