Send busy signal back to caller


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So I am trying to figure out how code up this situation:
Bob is trying to call Sam. Sam is already in a call with Holly. When Sam gets an incoming call form Bob, the client automatically sends a busy signal back to bob. Sam doesn't get disturbed in any way. Bob hears a "busy" sound on his end or some custom event.

I am assuming I have to go into WebSocketManager.js but I am unsure where I add this feature.
Current in your flashphoner client files, assuming the situation above happens, If Sam accepts Bob's call, his "currentCall" variable gets overwritten. And things get really weird after that.

In WebSocketManager.js, can I add a check in "setRemoteSDP" saying "isAlreadyInACall", and if this returns true, what do I send back through the web socket?

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It should be done on the server side.
Set setting to: send_busy_when_on_call=true
Then restart WCS server.