Streaming H264 to the Browser


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Hello. Does Flashphoner have any solutions to get h264 files to play in a browser? Here is my current situation

1. I have an embedded system with an IP camera streaming and saving h264 files (any length, frame rate, resolution, bitrate, etc).
2. I have a web browser client with videojs that can play .ts files using m3u8 playlists. This is tested and works with good .ts files.
3. I have a free h264 to .ts encoder in the embedded system that I cannot for the life of me get to create valid .ts files for videojs.

So I am starting to give up. Are there any solutions from Flashphoner that could help me?


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Good day.
Flashphoner WebCallServer can play mp4 files as VOD, please see details here. So if you IP camera can only save recording to a file, you can convert this file with ffmpeg to H264+AAC in mp4 container, than play it as VOD in browser.
But if your IP camera can stream RTSP, with WebCallServer you can capture RTSP stream and play it in browser, see details here.
Anyway, please check your embedded system to meet WCS requirements. If it does not meet, WCS should be installed to separate server, so capturing RTSP would be a solution to prefer in this case.