Unable to Initialize Flashphoner SDK in ReactJs Application



We have implemented the Flashphoner SDK in our existing ReactJs(with Apollo and NodeJs) application, the Flashphoner SDK is activated correctly in local, but when deployed into the K8s Pod it shows the error below(in the console) when the application is loaded in the browser(any browser):

TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'context')

Both applications have the same versions of libraries.

Now I know the above might be very vague and unhelpful to you, just wanted to check if you have come across this error before and perhaps can point me in the right direction.

Thank you


Thanks Max

This is an issue with the application code, but its a very weird one as one of the libraries might be creating the issue, I just wanted to check with you if you had encountered this issue before, the link to the app is behind our VPN so unfortunately cannot give you access to it.

If you have any other questions or any further help you can give me given the circumstances please let me know, otherwise thank you very much for the response.



Staff member
I just wanted to check with you if you had encountered this issue before
No, we have not encountered the issue in test applications.
Usually, there are two main reasons for such issues:
1. Incorrect application flow. In this case, code debugging should solve the problem. Enabling debug logs from Web SDK may also help: Log level adjusting
2. Network issues if a WCS instance is running inside a container (Docker, k8s etc). In this case, a server pors (websocket 8080,8443/tcp and media 30000-33000/udp) availability needs to be checked: Port routing checking