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  1. sangsoo

    How to run ASG on Ec2 spec with more than recommended C4.large?

    Hello. EDGE Auto Scaling Test is in progress for each EC2 instance type. 1. Published in FHD CBR 2500 in OBS, and played as many times as specified in Edge without transcoding. -I used "Load testing using WebRTC pulling". 2. The CPU usage was measured at the edge. 3. 1 stream for comparison...
  2. M

    Modify 404 response from REST API

    Hi, I used this API (rest-api/cdn/show_routes) to get the streams active in CDN. If the streams are active , it returns 200 response when there are no streams in CDN 404 response is returned. The actual issues come here when I am using AWS Loadbalancer to call this API. When 200 response is...
  3. M

    Multiple Edge servers behind AWS LB not communicating

    Hi, I am following CDN pattern where I have set of Origin servers behind a AWS LB and another set of edge servers behing another LB. Instances with WCS is added to load balancer using Autoscaling. When more than one edge server is added to a...
  4. M

    Manager log is not generated in logs folder

    As per this link, I have restarted the web call server. But I can able to see only one process runnning and there is no flashphoner-manager.log file in logs folder. Can anyone tell me why it is not generated?
  5. M

    400 BadRequest with RestAPI

    Hi, I am trying to access the REST API ( in http port 8081 and I am always getting 400 Bad Request as a response. Do I need to configure anything additionally?