Queries on Load Balancers

Hi Max,

We came to know that Classic Load Balancers are retiring this August, since we are using AWS Classic Load Balancers for Flashphoner, I want to know if there is any other alternative for the same ?

or if Flashphoner is compatible with other type of LBs
Hi Max, after Application LB setup, we are getting 502 Bad Gateway on LB Endpoint, anything else we need to setup apart from steps mentioned in the document ?



Staff member
Please check the following:
1. Are the instances to place behind the load balancer already running (step 1 of the manual)? Is the port 8081 accessible on every instance?
2. Is the load balancer security group created and configured (step 2.4 of the manual)?
3. Are the listener target groups created (step 3 of the manual) and configured (step 2.5 of the manual)? Note that the example shows only how to create websocket listener (ports 8080 and 8443).