1. sangsoo

    Increased CDN nodes after applying ASG Dercrease Policy

    Hello. WCS Auto Scaling (Increase / Decrease) was configured in AWS. It works very well. There is one problem. While operating the WCS, EC2 Instances excluded by the Decrease policy are continuously displayed on Show Nodes. (Edge's Show_Nodes result) Of course, you can delete the "UNKNOWN"...
  2. M

    HLS first user issue

    Hi, I m publishing the streams to origin servers and playing using HLS by edge servers. When a first user tries to view the stream, the stream can't be played in player and buffer gets stalled out. If it is played again, then streams gets played. Based on this link...
  3. R

    HLS Stream Quality

    Hello Max, We are confused about HLS. How to define 720p quality to HLS on edge? We start the HLS by API, but how to call an specific transcoder to them?
  4. R

    How to clear edge routes

    Dear Max, How to clear edge routes? Our edges show a lot of refused logs due to oldest IPs from CDN. Thanks,
  5. sangsoo

    How to Initialize CDN Show_Nodes Results

    Hello. Testing CDN in a number of ways has resulted in too many and complicated Show_Nodes results. I want to initialize the results of CDN Show_Nodes. Now we are stopping and restarting Webcallserver of all instances of CDN. The reason was that if one instance had previous CDN information, it...
  6. M

    HLS edge server not playing

    Hi, I am recieving error messages like this 12:51:48,000 ERROR WCSAgent - API-ASYNC-pool-12-thread-1 7467ef3a-fe12-45b5-a875-822cd2ae370e Stream 38-1594642976-586182 local failed 12:51:48,039 ERROR Server - HLS-38-1594642976-586182 Uncaught exception...
  7. M

    AWS Marketplace AMI for CDN and autoscaling

    Hi, Based on this link, we faced a same issue yesterday where our license changed to expired state even though auto-renew is enabled last month itself. This broke our production system streaming functionality. So we...
  8. sangsoo

    How to configure Origin ASG using CDN2.x.

    Hello. The Edge server has already been configured with Amazon ASG. Origin also wants to configure ASG in case the publish stream increases. See the document below. - In the sample, there are 1st...
  9. A

    Can you please link ticket WCS-2753 to my account

    Hi Max, Can you please link WCS-2753 to my account so I can see if there is any update on it. Regards Azhar
  10. R

    CDN 2 Origin - 1 edge

    Hello! We are testing 2 ORIGIN servers and we are able to play cross ORIGIN A and B by using "cdn_origin_to_origin_route_propagation=true". But, our edge server are only playing streams from ORIGIN A, if we publish video from B, I can play into A but i can not play into edge. ORIGIN A...
  11. Artem

    Работа с roomApi через CDN

    Мы начинаем трансляцию через origin создавая комнату через roomApi, и пытаемся подключится к этой же комнате через edge, но комната на edge пустая(её не существует). Как сделать так что бы комнаты с origin были видны на edge?
  12. M

    Multiple Edge servers behind AWS LB not communicating

    Hi, I am following CDN pattern where I have set of Origin servers behind a AWS LB and another set of edge servers behing another LB. Instances with WCS is added to load balancer using Autoscaling. When more than one edge server is added to a...
  13. Artem

    Микширование видеопотока и аудио

    Добрый день! У нас задача объединить два webrtc стрима. На входе у нас есть видео+аудио от одного спикера и аудио от другого. На выходе хотим получить два видео, одно с оригинальным звуком, второе тоже с оригинальным звуком, плюс звук от второго (в таком случае оригинальная звуковая дорожка...
  14. M

    Autoscaling considerations for CDN HLS Viewing

    Hi, I am having origin and edge servers behind respective load balancers (AWS LB). Using CDN edge servers, I am playing the stream using HLS. I done a WebRTC publish load test by following this link I can able to...
  15. M

    CDN edge server (defaultApp) returns 401 Unauthorized

    Hi, I am using CDN with one origin server and one edge server. Each server is behind a load balancer. I have created a custom app called "development" pointed to my backend to authorize the publisher when a stream is connected or published. In viewer part, the playback is streamed using HLS. It...
  16. R

    CND - Connection refused

    Hello! Origin and Edge server has the same version: v. We follow the example as describe here: But we got the follow errors and stream published on origin, CAN NOT...
  17. L

    Организация работы на нескольких CDN

    Вводная часть: есть две группы серверов (edge и origin в каждой группе), в USA и EU, каждая группа объединена в свой CDN по географическому признаку. 1. Могут ли инстансы из одного CDN знать о потоках (потреблять их) на инстансах другого CDN? Если нет - то следующие два вопроса, видимо, теряют...
  18. R

    CND Question

    Hello! Its possible a node configured as EDGE, act as ORIGIN too?
  19. M

    CDN - Multiple origins and edge servers clarification

    Hi, I have a question on how multiple origin servers will work for streaming and playing with edge servers through CDN. Based on this link, it seems multiple origins and edge servers are supported. But my question is what will be the...
  20. M

    CDN - failed to connect to origin server

    Hi, I am trying to do live stream using CDN. I have two load balancers (AWS), one for origin and another for edge. I followed the steps with dynamic CDN and I am getting "Failed to connect error" in edge server. Edge: cdn_enabled=true cdn_ip={ip_local}