Issue with playback on edge server.


I made some automated testes to run every few minutes to check if publish/play works.
We have 3 origin and 3 edge servers. We are having some issues in NA zone where stream playback will have a chance of 1/10 to return FAILED without any extra info.
This only happens on this 2 nodes NA-origin / NA-edge, all other edge nodes passes the test every single time.
The only thing logged is "FAILED" do you have any idea why would that happen.
I am not sure I can send the logs and I tried to filter those FAILED playbacks but there is nothing useful logged.

I tried to ssh on 2001 and run show cdn-nodes and all active. on both machines.

We are using WCS version 5.2.1338
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Good day.
We recommend to test as follows:
1. Check if a stream can be played from origin directly
2. Only if yes, check if the stream can be played from edge
This should filter all the publishing problems and split them from CDN problems.
If the stream is always published correctly (100% of cases), but there is still a problem playing the stream on edge, please reproduce a problem and collect a reports from origin and edge using script. Send the reports using this form. In the Coment field provide the name of the problem stream.