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    iPhone publisher Failed by DTLS error

    Hello, We have updated the Flashphoner server to the build 5.2.631 and we started to see the error "Failed by DTLS error" when publishing via iOS version 13.4.1 - 13.5. Publishing via iOS 13.2 is working fine. We have used your demo application under Streamer and Stream Diagnostic tabs. Both...
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    Failed by DTLS error

    Hello. I am getting failed by DTLS error intermittently. The code works well from desktop browsers (Chrome and Firefox) bur fails in Android Chrome and Firefox. I am using TLS version 1.2 on my server. Please help me solve this issue. It's impacting our business big time.
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    No audio playback in Chrome since Chrome 81

    Hello! I noticed that the last update of Chrome suppresses the audio playback on my website. My WCS version is 5.1.3546. I am sure that a WCS update to the current version would fix it but I have a lot of special code adjustements (clever as I am undocumented) so that a workaround would be the...