load test

  1. sangsoo

    How to run ASG on Ec2 spec with more than recommended C4.large?

    Hello. EDGE Auto Scaling Test is in progress for each EC2 instance type. 1. Published in FHD CBR 2500 in OBS, and played as many times as specified in Edge without transcoding. -I used "Load testing using WebRTC pulling". 2. The CPU usage was measured at the edge. 3. 1 stream for comparison...
  2. L

    Maximun viewer using EC2

    Hi there. I am developing a livestream project with about 2000 viewer. A. I started a insatance in AWS with max properties like CPU, bandwidth ...as my WCS server. B. I also created another one to test my project. I used flashphoner testing program to test maximum viewer with A. First, i...
  3. M

    Autoscaling considerations for CDN HLS Viewing

    Hi, I am having origin and edge servers behind respective load balancers (AWS LB). Using CDN edge servers, I am playing the stream using HLS. I done a WebRTC publish load test by following this link https://docs.flashphoner.com/display/WCS52EN/Load+testing+using+WebRTC+pulling. I can able to...
  4. D

    Сервер падает при достижении ~600 подключений

    Добрый день, Используем мощный сервер - 20 ядер, 72гб RAM для веб-конференции. При 7-10 исходящих стримах, при превышении около 600 подключений, сервер падает, при этом все параметры нагрузки на сервер не превышают 40%. Логов, к сожалению, нет. Настройки сервера: GNU nano 2.9.8...