Streams count per instance


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Hi Team ,

We have webcall server installed in aws ,we need to know how many RTSP streams the wcs server support ?

For example we have t3.medium type how can we estimate the stream number for this instance ?

In the load test provided in the website we are unable to compare it with the AWS instance type , Pls mention required info

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But how can we calculate for instance type?
There is no method to calculate. You have to perform load test on the server configuration.
The article describes the server of 12 physical CPU cores (24 threads) and 96 Gb RAM, 10 Gbit network. The t3.medium has only 2 virtual CPU cores, 4 Gb RAM and 5 Gbit burst network (i.e. you have 5 Gbit only in peak load). So you can capture maximum 100 RTSP cameras on this config. The precise value you can check in load test only.