1. Andrey Arkhipov

    Настройка соккетов на opensuse 15

    Здравствуйте, кто может помочь с правильной настройкой соккетов на сервере. Своего опыта не хватает. Сервер чуть ли не блокирует все соединения от пользователей. Сервер 1U, 12 ядер 24 потока, 32гб оперативы, opensuse 15.3
  2. T

    Performance is bad when using gpu-image

    I'm using the gpu-image module. In normal case, it runs quite smoothly because (by default ) you don't set the resolution for it, but when I set resolution, the video is quite lagging although the device performance is very good. When I debug, the frame on my device is only 320 x 240, it's...
  3. D

    Performance Issues in AWS

    Hi. We did load testing of WCS servers on AWS Marketplace (c5.4xlarge). A publish stream VP8 720p with bitrate 2.5Mbps. We tested using WebRTC pulling 400 streams out. At the time, the screen freezes for seconds every few seconds. no degraded streams. Is there a way to improve this? we were...
  4. appsgenii

    Best Practices Configurations.

    We are facing an issue with live streaming it stops broadcasting as the number of users increases and we have to restart the server then it works again. Can you please guide me if there is any best configuration that needs to implement for maximum users? I have also upgraded my server with...
  5. D

    Настройки микшера & CPU load

    Здравствуйте. Эксплуатируем ваш FlashphonerWebCallServer (обновлен до последней версии 5.2.795). На базе функции микшера реального времени создаем систему ВКС с WebRTC браузерными клиентами. Сейчас вся система с FlashphonerWebCallServer-ом расположена на 1-й физической машине. Подскажите какие...
  6. W

    Тестирование сервера

    Добрый день. Как корректно протестировать нагрузку на сервер? У нас имеется 2 сервера: Сервер 1 - 48 ядер / 100 Ggb - оперативки Сервер 2 - 32 ядра / 100 Ggb - оперативки Тестировать пытаемся с помощью приложения "Console" через "Stress Play Stream". На сервере 1 публикуется поток, на сервере 2...
  7. V

    1 rtmp to max subscriber limit[embed player html] on fresh installation

    hi. one general flashphoner team suppose i freshly install wcs5 on ununtu 18 hosted on AWS ec2- C5-4x large instance and applied monthly licence on it. now my query is if i stream 1 RTMP through Vmix then what is max limit of user can saw this stream over internet ( embed player on html...
  8. R

    cpu load is high

    I am using screen sharing feature of flashphoner and after 20 sharing screen it has increased my server load. There is no other application running on this server only flashphone is installed. kindly provide the solution. Server is 4 core and 16gb ram 8gb is allocated as you advised but load...