Performance is bad when using gpu-image


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I'm using the gpu-image module. In normal case, it runs quite smoothly because (by default ) you don't set the resolution for it, but when I set resolution, the video is quite lagging although the device performance is very good. When I debug, the frame on my device is only 320 x 240, it's really dim. When I add the code as below to set the resolution up to 640 x 360 and expand the local_video_view to see it, I realize a problem of lag, drop frame. The lagging occurs in the local view running on the devices when I publish.

StreamOptions streamOptions = new StreamOptions(streamName);
Constraints constraints = new Constraints(true, true);
VideoConstraints videoConstraints = new VideoConstraints();

I’m testing on devices as below:
  • Samsung galaxy A32 (very laggy)
  • Xiaomi redmi note 8.
  • Vsmart joy 4.
  • Google Pixel 2XL.
An staff also note that:
“Preliminary results: the problem is in gpu-image library itself, its performance drops even on powerful hardware (for example, on Google Pixel 3 and Samsung S10+ publishing FPS drops since 1024x768 and bigger resolutions. So we are refactoring Camera Manager example to make easy to integrate any other filtering library”

Please help me.Thanks!


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Good day.
Seems like android-gpuimage library itself has a bad perfomance on any device: the better CPU, the bigger resolution it can handle. So you can integrate any other filtering library. Now in ticket WCS-3339 we working on Camera Manager example to make the integration easier.


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Can you suggest other filtering library to me, which that more compatible can fix or reduce this lagging problem? Thank you!