1. yeprem

    Video loading issue

    Hello Sometimes video is never loaded and we see this attached picture. Please help me fix this issue.
  2. D

    Конференции на Raw WebSocket API

    Добрый день. Пишем проект на Unity. Необходимо соединить по видеосвязи несколько человек. Так как нет подходящих SDK, используем Raw WebSocket API. Насколько я понял, соединение к видеопотокам происходит по имени (поле name в запросах publish, unpublish, play, stop) причем 1 к 1. Чтобы...
  3. DamirIlyasov

    dvr стриминг

    Здравствуйте, задача - иметь возможность смотреть ту часть стрима (стримим микшер), которая уже прошла и, если поставили на паузу, то при снятии с паузы, продолжить просмотр с того же места, имея возможность снова переключиться на лайв. Как на ютубе. Нашёл пока только возможность записи...
  4. dex35

    Не запускается звук в safari

    Здравствуйте. Подскажите пожалуйста, почему иногда в сафари не запускается звук в стриме? Картинка есть, а звук - нет. Причем, происходит это вне зависимости от того, включен звук на устройстве физической кнопкой или нет. Так же, бывает, некоторые стримы запускаются сразу с включенным звуком без...
  5. R

    RTSP playback stream

    Is there any chance we can include the time range along with NVR RTSP stream URL i.e NVR expecting time frame with RTSP URL to play specific time range video.
  6. R

    Verint NVR Support in Flashphoner

    How do we support camera stream from Verint NVR ? Any suggestions how we can get it using WCS server !!!
  7. C

    RTSP autostart

    Hello, i am using the embedded player on one of my website pages, would it be possible to start the player when the page is opened and don't have to press the play button? Also, i have enabled rtsp record on webcallserver config files and it does work but even if i press stop button it keeps on...
  8. Dani

    VOD demo fails

    I tried to write this code based on your demo: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <!-- Shaka Player compiled library: --> <script src="dist/shaka-player.compiled.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="flashphoner/flashphoner.min.js"></script> <script...
  9. M

    Video stream shows a white screen on Chrome 88 - Android 10

    Hello, Since yesterday we have started receiving some complaints of users reporting white screen in the video player on Chrome 88 - Android 10. Since it is a recent Chrome version, it could be a fresh bug but we could not reproduce it in a device using the same versions. We have many users on...
  10. Dani

    how can I avoid stream disconnect

    in case of steam issues - how can I avoid stream disconnect ? if I get the STREAM FAILED event - can I ignore it (for example for 3 times) and if the stream is still ok it will keep working ? if the stream is not good will I get more events of STREAM FAILED ?
  11. K

    Cannot play mixer stream in iOS

    Hello, We cannot get mixer video playing in iOS. After stream is created, we get a black video area. Then after a minute "Failed By ICE timeout" error appears. We tested this on various iOS devices, so it seems to be the general error. Note that "Two-way Streaming" example works, so this is...
  12. sabb

    RTMP Stream with error of Failed with ICE Timeout

    Error on playing a stream being published through ffmpeg for mp4 file The session shows as available though in player it fails with the above error. Server - ssl is configured with real domain name, site is configured with trial license from Flashphoner Able to test two way streaming through...
  13. A

    The longer I stream the video, the higher the delay

    The longer I stream the video, the higher the delay will be, and the delay will return to normal after I PUBLISH again
  14. N

    What can I do to make connecting and start playing faster

    The average time it takes from page load to seeing a picture in the video is 7 seconds on my end. How can I lessen this? Is there a setting to fine tune the create session pang play video process so it loads faster?
  15. K

    About using webrtc from non-SSL web screen

    Hello, Please tell me about using webrtc from non-SSL web screen. I'm trying to create a player for webrtc in a web app. Since this web application is used within the LAN, it will be executed under HTTP. (Example: http: // <ServerIP> /webrtc.html web server uses apache) As a test, I ported...
  16. inSnat

    Failed to parse SessionDescription

    When using only audio it sends me the following error message, even in its own demo page in the Media Devices section it sends the same when not sending video Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Failed to execute 'setRemoteDescription' on 'RTCPeerConnection': Failed to parse SessionDescription...
  17. I

    Нестабильная работа плеера

    Использую функцию захвата экрана с последующим выводом изображения в плеер. Захват работает стабильно, а на плеер изображение выводится от случая к случаю. При этом настройки никакие не меняю. Просто то работает, то нет.
  18. A

    Не воспроизводится видеопоток в Safari

    Добрый день! Устройство и браузер: Safari, последняя версия, Macbook. Реализован интерфейс видеосвязи один на один. Проблема: при заходе в интерфейс с видео браузер не запрашивает включение звука и видео, соответственно, у пользователя не выводится ни то, ни другое. Параллельно провели...
  19. A

    iOS devices do not play audio on stream recordings

    WCS: 5.2.471 Recorded stream does not play audio on iOS devices. Metadata:
  20. R

    How to start player muted

    Hello! We have a specific behavior where is necessary start the player always muted. How to do it? Something like autoplay .. automute = true?