RTMP Stream with error of Failed with ICE Timeout


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Error on playing a stream being published through ffmpeg for mp4 file

The session shows as available though in player it fails with the above error.

Server - ssl is configured with real domain name, site is configured with trial license from Flashphoner

Able to test two way streaming through web cam , that works fine in browser though it fails on ffmpeg push . What am i missing

Below are ports opened on

Inbound rules
Port range
Description - optional
Custom TCPTCP88880.0.0.0/0-
Custom TCPTCP8888::/0-
Custom TCPTCP80800.0.0.0/0-
Custom TCPTCP8080::/0-
Custom UDPUDP30000 - 330000.0.0.0/0-
Custom UDPUDP30000 - 33000::/0-
Custom TCPTCP19350.0.0.0/0-
Custom TCPTCP1935::/0-
Custom TCPTCP84440.0.0.0/0-
Custom TCPTCP8444::/0-
Custom TCPTCP84430.0.0.0/0-
Custom TCPTCP8443::/0-
Custom TCPTCP30000 - 330000.0.0.0/0-
Custom TCPTCP30000 - 33000::/0-


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Good day.
Able to test two way streaming through web cam , that works fine in browser though it fails on ffmpeg push . What am i missing
Do you publish RTMP stream from MP4 file, for example
ffmpeg -i file.mp4 -preset ultrafast -acodec aac -ar 48000 -vcodec h264 -strict -2 -f flv "rtmp://wcs:1935/live/stream1"
and then try to play the stream via WebRTC (in Player example) as stream1?
If not, please clarify exactly how do you test?
Please also collect a report as described here and send using this private form. Or you can provide SSH access to the server with publish and play ability using this private form, we will check.


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Hi , yes did it through ffmpeg both for a local mp4 and also for remote m3u8 relay .. small changes compared to switches you mentioned for ffmpeg .. was missing -ar 48000 and did not had the stream in double quotes for rtmp section for server

I tested using player section on the flashphoner web page (player) and checked for stream with that error

anyway sent the information for ssh server for you to test directly on the server

The domain name can be looked through reverse lookup hopefully or else let me know if not working


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Command used
ffmpeg -i file.mp4 -preset ultrafast -acodec aac -ar 48000 -vcodec h264 -strict -2 -f flv "rtmp://servername:1935/live/stream1"


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We cannot reproduce the issue on your server:
1. Publish RTMP stream using ffmpeg

2. Play using Player example

So it seems like media ports were blocked until you opened them for test, or they are blocked between your desktop and server. Please check.
But we still can't connect to SSH port, it seems to opened for your IP address only.


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Indeed the issue was with my mac, very strange as it works on another windows machine in same network

Thank you for clarification. Shall open another request or relay issues