rtmp publishing

  1. T

    Фризы в Full HD

    Даже не совсем фризы, а дёрганье изображения туда-сюда. На wcs видео отправляется из obs через rtmp, в браузере проигрывается по WebRtc, при запуске транскодинга в 720 лаги уходят, но качество картинки и входящий трафик соответствуют 480. если принудительно запустить транскодинг через...
  2. J

    OBS Studio and Flashphoner problems

    I have a problem: I started using Flashphoner on an AWS server for streaming. Locally I am using OBS Studio for RMTP transmission. But every 50 seconds the OBS connection drops.
  3. J

    RTMP User and Password?

    Could someone give me a step-by-step where I activate/register on the server, username and password for rtmp transmission? I read several topics, tried several methods, but anyone can still transmit to my Flashphoner AWS Server. Thanks
  4. roytran

    How can turn on authention (check username, password) when obs connect server

    I launch WCS5 on Amazon EC2. How can turn on authention (check username, password) when obs connect my server via rtmp://server-url:1935/live/. it's dangerous that anyone can use obs to connect to my server if they know server url. The server url is easily detected when showing video stream on...
  5. B


    I'm lost. I have a gstreamer pipeline that works successfully into VLC, ANT Media, and Wowza. But Flashphoner won't seem to connect. What am I doing wrong? gst-launch-1.0 -e -v nvarguscamerasrc sensor-id=0 ee-mode=0 sensor-mode=1 ! 'video/x-raw(memory:NVMM), width=(int)1280, height=(int)720...
  6. J

    Fail to start 2 streams on WebRTC server

    I cant seem to start 2 streams (with different ID) to my webRTC server, seeing below msg: 08:12:22,762 INFO RestClient - API-ASYNC-pool-13-thread-10 content ->...
  7. J

    Stream from Zoom

    I learn that Zoom allows user to stream to custom platform, wonder if i could configure it stream to my webrtc server, if so, how?
  8. R

    WebCallServer not playing incoming RTMP

    Hi! The following. I`m running Ubuntu 18.04 on AWS with webcallserver configured and seeing RTMP coming in on the interface, for some reason webcallserver is not starting or seeing the incoming stream. I`m using a trial account. Any idea`s? Regards Roy
  9. S

    Issue with YouTube Live Stream

    Hi guys, We are trying to implement YouTube Live Stream using Flashphoner, we followed the documentation mentioned here (https://docs.flashphoner.com/display/WCS5EN/Republishing+to+Youtube#RepublishingtoYoutube-Preparingtothetest), even after setting everything correctly we are not able to see...
  10. I

    Recording OBS stream

    Hello - I was able to successfully stream to wcs from OBS by adding the server and streamkey info into the OBS settings. I was also able to play it back live. Is there a way to record the stream from OBS through flashphoner? The "records" folder was empty so I'm not sure if I'm missing a...
  11. thelastairbender


    Hi, Can i use screen sharing feature with obs(open source screen sharing/recording program) ? If i can, how? I've tried with issuing the wss://ip:8443/key into the program but it didn't work
  12. Y

    Video issues with WebRTC over TURN

    Hi, I have a strange phenomenon while playing webrtc over turn. I'm publishing rtmp video h264 + acc, 6 fps, to flashphoner WCS and play it in several methods: 1. WebRTC - plays well. 2. ffplay (to play the rtmp stream) - plays well. 3. WebRTC over TURN (internal server) - Has issues: When the...
  13. sabb

    screen delay

    Hi, How can we best relay an existing rtmp stream using flashphoner We tried doing through screen sharing or rtmp relay, the challenge is screen sharing for video is lagging - tried different setups like 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 with 30 or 60 fps Relay takes conversion of ffmpeg for right...
  14. E

    Прыгает картинка и звук при RTMP трансляции

    Доброго времени суток, проигрываю в плеере RTMP поток, который транслирую на сервер flashphonera через obs - https://docs.flashphoner.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=9241508#id-ВплеерепоRTMP-Известныепроблемы Проблема в следующем: картинка и звук прыгают/колеблются(приложил видеофайл для...
  15. sabb

    RTMP Stream with error of Failed with ICE Timeout

    Error on playing a stream being published through ffmpeg for mp4 file The session shows as available though in player it fails with the above error. Server - ssl is configured with real domain name, site is configured with trial license from Flashphoner Able to test two way streaming through...
  16. N

    What can I do to make connecting and start playing faster

    The average time it takes from page load to seeing a picture in the video is 7 seconds on my end. How can I lessen this? Is there a setting to fine tune the create session pang play video process so it loads faster?
  17. N

    RTMP publishing with same stream name and overriding the older stream

    I get NetStream.Publish.BadName message from the server when I publish with a stream name that is already existing on the server. I would like it so that I can overwrite existing streams when I publish with the same name. Is this possible? Thanks
  18. petr.t

    RTMP stream через webcallserver на YouTube/FB

    Добрый день, Мы столкнулись с проблемой нашего стримера. Коротко о том, что мы имеем: У нас есть Linux машина с X-ми, мы захватываем содержимое браузера с помощью FFMPEG и шлем это на медианоду flashphoner, которая уже перенаправляет поток в YouTube и Facebook. Так вот, после ряда тестов схема...
  19. V

    Unable to play the Webrtc stream

    Hi, I am using an FFmpeg command to push the mp4 to the flashphoner. I am using below FFmpeg command I can play the stream via VLC player using the rtmp endpoint, but when I try to play the stream using the Webrtc from Flashphoner demo player it is not working. I see this screen For...
  20. V

    1 rtmp to max subscriber limit[embed player html] on fresh installation

    hi. one general flashphoner team suppose i freshly install wcs5 on ununtu 18 hosted on AWS ec2- C5-4x large instance and applied monthly licence on it. now my query is if i stream 1 RTMP through Vmix then what is max limit of user can saw this stream over internet ( embed player on html...