1. R

    Stream multiple files in queue

    Hi, I want to create stream Webrtc from multiple files in particular order and I also should add files in queue run time. Stream should be going on continuously without any interruption with same StreamName. How can I achieve this using flashphoner? Thanks,
  2. L

    OD Injection Issue since last update

    HI We have recently installed the latest version of Flashphoner 5.2.1690 and OD injection into a stream is not working anymore I have found out that now a new method is used called inject2, but now it always tells me that the file I am trying to inject cannot be found even if its exactly the...
  3. M

    Can WCS broadcast an incoming http stream?

    Hello, I'd like to know if WCS is able to get a http stream and broadcastt it. We'd use something like ffmpeg: ffmpeg -re -i BigBuckBunny.mp4 -preset ultrafast -acodec aac -vcodec h264 -strict -2 -f flv rtmp://test1.flashphoner.com:1935/live/stream_ffmpeg But instead of use a file, to use a...
  4. L

    Add VOD file to mixer delay

    Hi I am trying to setup VOD stream in a way that once it start playing, the file is added straight into the mixer so we can stream it via RTMP(I know we can stream directly to RTMP without the mixer, however you will understand later in the post why we need to use the mixer). Steps Below: 1...
  5. L

    Capturing VOD from a file

    Hi I am trying to implement a feature that lets me add a stream a VOD file to a mixer, however I wold like to also add the functionality to pause the video stream and start it from the beginning when its tie to push it into the mixer Is this possible? Thank you in advance for your response...
  6. P

    VOD seek

    Howdy, as far as I understand, the VOD service merely starts a live stream on a file - so that the client plays/subscribes to a recorded stream that is streamed as live. - Is that correct? If it's correct - how do I seek for a recorded file player with VOD? VOD merely starts a stream from the...
  7. sumitmitra25

    VOD to Live Stream

    USE CASE : where user will schedule a VOD content for Live Streaming. we are doing post request to this endpoint with following payload: Example endpoint (https://testwss.streamm.io:8444/rest-api/vod/startup) ----> /rest-api/vod/startup Payload : { "uri":"vod-live://s3/s3bucket/s3filename"...
  8. S

    VOD to Live Stream

    Hi Max, We have one use-case where user will schedule a VOD content for Live Streaming, How we can initialize a transponder with a VOD link ? Can you please help ?
  9. sangsoo

    I want to loop playback of "vod://~.mp4" file.

    Hello. I want to loop automatically when the "vod://" file is finished playing. It would be nice to have a setting like "vod_live_loop=true" like "vod-live://" playback. https://docs.flashphoner.com/display/WCS52EN/Capturing+VOD+from+a+file#CapturingVODfromafile-VODloop Is it possible to add...
  10. R

    Stream from a local file

    Is there any option to stream from a local file(mp4), or the file should be on the server? If so, how can I upload a file to the server?
  11. McSeemZ

    проигрывание VOD для перекодированных ffmpeg файлов

    Добрый день, сможет ли кто-нибудь подсказать про перекодирование для VOD? После перекодирования файла через ffmpeg с указанием флагов -movflags faststart например, https://tex-statics-dev.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/video/Sample_MP4_Video_2.mp4 проигрывание VOD валится с ошибкой...
  12. Love Sharma

    After certain videos are streamed any one of them never gets played and the preloader keeps loading.

    While streaming multiple videos over vod-live protocol, I found that after certain videos are streamed any one of them never gets played and the preloader keeps loading. Further, if I request a subsequent video, it starts playing. This happened various times. What I checked: The server had...
  13. DamirIlyasov

    dvr стриминг

    Здравствуйте, задача - иметь возможность смотреть ту часть стрима (стримим микшер), которая уже прошла и, если поставили на паузу, то при снятии с паузы, продолжить просмотр с того же места, имея возможность снова переключиться на лайв. Как на ютубе. Нашёл пока только возможность записи...
  14. Reebo

    Vod-live questions

    Hi, 2 question about vod-live 1) Can I create a playlist of mp4 file to streaming sequentially? 2) Can I load a vod-live or a playlist directly from url (on demand) without start a rest-api streaming? Thanks in advance. Marco
  15. Reebo

    stream mp3 from a file

    How can I create an audio stream only from mp3 file? Is there a solution like vod:// for mp4? Thanks in advance. Marco
  16. Just66

    iOS SDK таймлайн для отображения записанного стрима

    Можно ли с помощью RTCMTLVideoView получить таймлайн видео с текущей секундой или начать с определенной секунды?
  17. Dani

    vod experience

    my player requires a manifest file(mfd) for vod expeirence I understand I need to put the mp4 file in the media folder as specified in the properties file. than I create stream using vod://sample.mp4 as the stream name. how do I pass it to the player ? the player requires a manifest URI...
  18. G

    Постоянная трансляция из файла.

    Доброго дня! Используем Flashphoner для проведения конференций. Нам нужно транслировать в одной комнате зацикленный поток из файла в качестве постоянного теста связи, но чтобы другие комнаты продолжали работать как сейчас. Мы попробовали по этой инструкции...
  19. R

    Watch a VOD video - API

    Hello Max! Is there a a way to get notified by API once a VOD is played in totally - from begining to the end of file?
  20. P

    FPWCSApi2RoomManager vs FPWCSApi2Session & VoD

    Hello, at the moment I have seen two basic ways of establishing a connection to the server using either FPWCSApi2RoomManager or FPWCSApi2Session. Each method offers different functionality on how to play a live stream. How about VoD? Can FPWCSApi2RoomManager play a VoD file? If not, can I...