1. P

    VOD seek

    Howdy, as far as I understand, the VOD service merely starts a live stream on a file - so that the client plays/subscribes to a recorded stream that is streamed as live. - Is that correct? If it's correct - how do I seek for a recorded file player with VOD? VOD merely starts a stream from the...
  2. sumitmitra25

    VOD to Live Stream

    USE CASE : where user will schedule a VOD content for Live Streaming. we are doing post request to this endpoint with following payload: Example endpoint (https://testwss.streamm.io:8444/rest-api/vod/startup) ----> /rest-api/vod/startup Payload : { "uri":"vod-live://s3/s3bucket/s3filename"...
  3. S

    VOD to Live Stream

    Hi Max, We have one use-case where user will schedule a VOD content for Live Streaming, How we can initialize a transponder with a VOD link ? Can you please help ?
  4. sangsoo

    I want to loop playback of "vod://~.mp4" file.

    Hello. I want to loop automatically when the "vod://" file is finished playing. It would be nice to have a setting like "vod_live_loop=true" like "vod-live://" playback. https://docs.flashphoner.com/display/WCS52EN/Capturing+VOD+from+a+file#CapturingVODfromafile-VODloop Is it possible to add...
  5. R

    Stream from a local file

    Is there any option to stream from a local file(mp4), or the file should be on the server? If so, how can I upload a file to the server?
  6. McSeemZ

    проигрывание VOD для перекодированных ffmpeg файлов

    Добрый день, сможет ли кто-нибудь подсказать про перекодирование для VOD? После перекодирования файла через ffmpeg с указанием флагов -movflags faststart например, https://tex-statics-dev.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/video/Sample_MP4_Video_2.mp4 проигрывание VOD валится с ошибкой...
  7. Love Sharma

    After certain videos are streamed any one of them never gets played and the preloader keeps loading.

    While streaming multiple videos over vod-live protocol, I found that after certain videos are streamed any one of them never gets played and the preloader keeps loading. Further, if I request a subsequent video, it starts playing. This happened various times. What I checked: The server had...
  8. DamirIlyasov

    dvr стриминг

    Здравствуйте, задача - иметь возможность смотреть ту часть стрима (стримим микшер), которая уже прошла и, если поставили на паузу, то при снятии с паузы, продолжить просмотр с того же места, имея возможность снова переключиться на лайв. Как на ютубе. Нашёл пока только возможность записи...
  9. Reebo

    Vod-live questions

    Hi, 2 question about vod-live 1) Can I create a playlist of mp4 file to streaming sequentially? 2) Can I load a vod-live or a playlist directly from url (on demand) without start a rest-api streaming? Thanks in advance. Marco
  10. Reebo

    stream mp3 from a file

    How can I create an audio stream only from mp3 file? Is there a solution like vod:// for mp4? Thanks in advance. Marco
  11. Just66

    iOS SDK таймлайн для отображения записанного стрима

    Можно ли с помощью RTCMTLVideoView получить таймлайн видео с текущей секундой или начать с определенной секунды?
  12. Dani

    vod experience

    my player requires a manifest file(mfd) for vod expeirence I understand I need to put the mp4 file in the media folder as specified in the properties file. than I create stream using vod://sample.mp4 as the stream name. how do I pass it to the player ? the player requires a manifest URI...
  13. G

    Постоянная трансляция из файла.

    Доброго дня! Используем Flashphoner для проведения конференций. Нам нужно транслировать в одной комнате зацикленный поток из файла в качестве постоянного теста связи, но чтобы другие комнаты продолжали работать как сейчас. Мы попробовали по этой инструкции...
  14. R

    Watch a VOD video - API

    Hello Max! Is there a a way to get notified by API once a VOD is played in totally - from begining to the end of file?
  15. P

    FPWCSApi2RoomManager vs FPWCSApi2Session & VoD

    Hello, at the moment I have seen two basic ways of establishing a connection to the server using either FPWCSApi2RoomManager or FPWCSApi2Session. Each method offers different functionality on how to play a live stream. How about VoD? Can FPWCSApi2RoomManager play a VoD file? If not, can I...
  16. R

    Add a video file to mixer by API

    Hello! How can I add a video file to the mixer using API? The video can be a remote MP4 file? Thanks, Rafael