Stream multiple files in queue


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I want to create stream Webrtc from multiple files in particular order and I also should add files in queue run time. Stream should be going on continuously without any interruption with same StreamName.

How can I achieve this using flashphoner?



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Good day.
You can achieve this as follows:
1. Publish a stream which should be played by viewers
2. Capture VOD stream from a file: Capturing VOD from a file
3. Inject VOD stream to the playback stream: Injection implementation in build 5.2.1618 and newer
Please note that stream to inject to and stream to be injected should have the same codecs with the same parameters. So if you capturing VOD from files with H264 video and AAC 48 kHz 1 channel audio, you should publish RTMP stream with H264 video and AAC 48 kHz 1 channel audio too.