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  1. R

    отсутсвие обновление с 2015 года

    Ваша библиотека https://github.com/flashphoner/flashphoner_client/blob/wcs_api/client/src/Flashphoner.js обновлялась последний раз 15 августа 2016 года Видим вам писали про проблему с сафари на мобильных устройствах 24 ноября 2020 года...
  2. I

    Webrtc stream won't stop publishing

    Hello, I have a webrtc setup where the user can start/stop a live stream with buttons. The first time they click the start button, .publish() is called and the STREAM_STATUS.PUBLISHING section of code works great. Then if they click the stop button, .stop() is called and the...
  3. A

    React Native SDK

    Hi, We have an app built in react native for our audio only stream. Do you have any guidance on how to implement play only stream using that? Regards Azhar
  4. L

    auto make call

    Hi After clicking the URL click-to-call-min.js can automatically make call without clicking the button. How to do? Thanks.
  5. dex35

    Отправить дополнительную информацию о пользователе

    Здравствуйте. Подскажите пожалуйста, можно ли в roomApi отправить дополнительную информацию по пользователю, помимо username?
  6. Dani

    VOD demo fails

    I tried to write this code based on your demo: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <!-- Shaka Player compiled library: --> <script src="dist/shaka-player.compiled.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="flashphoner/flashphoner.min.js"></script> <script...
  7. Dani

    how can I avoid stream disconnect

    in case of steam issues - how can I avoid stream disconnect ? if I get the STREAM FAILED event - can I ignore it (for example for 3 times) and if the stream is still ok it will keep working ? if the stream is not good will I get more events of STREAM FAILED ?
  8. E

    Session is undefined - Two_way_streaming.js

    Hi, What can be the problem, that i get "session is undefined" in firefox, and some times in chrome. Some times visa/versa. I get this error: "Uncaught TypeError: session is undefined" The following line fails: var session = Flashphoner.getSessions()[0]; constraints = { audio...
  9. K

    Cannot play mixer stream in iOS

    Hello, We cannot get mixer video playing in iOS. After stream is created, we get a black video area. Then after a minute "Failed By ICE timeout" error appears. We tested this on various iOS devices, so it seems to be the general error. Note that "Two-way Streaming" example works, so this is...
  10. P

    WebRTC: Have to push switch button twice when starting a stream with the rear camera since WebSDK

    Hi Before this update it was possible in the “then” call after getMediaDevices to call list.video = list.video.reverse(); and by doing so make it use the backwards facing camera to begin with. However, from WebSDK version and onwards using this method makes the switch button...
  11. Александр

    Логгирование событий веб приложения на сервер Flashphoner

    Здравствуйте, у меня возникла проблема при запуске веб-приложения, воспроизводящего трансляции видеофайла с диска, через сервер Flashphoner. На сервере ffmpeg преобразует видеофайл на диске в rtmp поток, с именем которое я указываю в опциях стрима в веб-приложении. Приложение использует WebRTC...
  12. S

    strange case of MSE and the "Worker"

    Hi, I finally succeed in playing a stream using MSE provider. I was having issues with MSE Provider I wasn't able to play a stream on my website ( I could play it with the examples though). So definitely something on my website is causing problems. This was the error before: The error I had...
  13. Dani

    Update to latest wcs server and client -

    We've done all the tests on iphone XR 14.3 After updating server code and client version to latest on production servers iphone xr works great, but iphone 12 and 11 can't open the camera.... is there any changes in the code needed to be done to support iphone 11 and 12 that are not needed for...
  14. S

    Websdk issue ios camera toggle from version (october)

    Hi there Seems like there's an issue with media devices on IOS going from websdk to all new versions including the latest Running latest wcs 5.2.873 We have a video chat where users can toggle cameras, on android it works ok, on ios tested version 14.0 and...
  15. Dani

    Function documentation

    Where can I find documentation on the Flashphoner functions ? (all parameters and options ? ) looking for the init function but I can find only examples, is there a function documentation somewhere ?
  16. tyagi5011

    How to change default WSS adress in Webrtc as rtmp rebublishing

    I want to change the default wss address in webrtc as rtmp rebublishing because i installed the wcs on another server so i want that adress to be default I checked this method but it is not working. please help. function init_page() { $("#url").val("wss://wcs_address:8443")...
  17. S

    2players example issue (streams mixing)

    Hi, I came across a strange issue on your 2players example (tried yours and mine WCS, same result). On some mobile devices (e.g. Honor 10, Redmi Note 8T - all updated to latest Android 10 (Q), and on latest chrome version - that said Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Q, latest chrome does not have the...
  18. djuka

    Resolution always 320x240

    I set constraints like this: constraints = { video: { width: {min:320, ideal: 640, max:1920}, height: {min:240, ideal: 480, max:1080}, minBitrate: 200, maxBitrate: 1800, frameRate: 20...
  19. K

    Possible error in playFirstVideo()

    Hello, Currently, main part of playFirstVideo() method is following: if (src) { video.src = src; video.play().then(function () { display.appendChild(video); resolve(); })["catch"](function () { //WCS-2375. fixed autoplay in ios safari...
  20. W

    Ошибка в flashphoner.js

    В течение недели все работало, но потом резко началась эта ошибка, откат к старым версия не помогает. let SESSION_STATUS = Flashphoner.constants.SESSION_STATUS; let STREAM_STATUS = Flashphoner.constants.STREAM_STATUS; function init(){ Flashphoner.init(); remoteVideo =...