web sdk

  1. motipa

    ERROR Error: Flashphoner API is not initialized

    When i try to create session using @flashphoner/websdk in angular project, I got ERROR Error: Flashphoner API is not initialized
  2. hyuk

    Inquiry Regarding Connection Timeout Issue during Network Switching with Room API and Video Streaming

    Hi, We are currently experiencing challenges in our Flashphoner implementation, specifically during video streaming using the Room API. When transitioning from LTE to WiFi, a connection timeout issue occurs, and the error message "The operation couldn't be completed, operation timed out"...
  3. hyuk

    I want to do voice recognition.

    Hi, I want to perform some action by voice recognition during live. For example, I want to capture a specific word. Is there any support like voice recognition in flashphoner? If there is no supported function, I would like to use the voice data of the flashphoner directly. webrtc for...
  4. N

    Проблема с разрешением на ios

    добрый день! Наблюдается проблема с разрешением на ios устройствах, при публикации потока устанавливаем разрешение 640x360 this.myStream = await room .publish({ name: encodeURIComponent(this.localOrator.name), display: display...
  5. KaranBhansali91

    Flashphoner media device release

    Hi, We are using Flashphoner.releaseLocalMedia(localVideo) to release the media device, when the component unmounts in react. The webcam light remains on even though, can you confirm the code is written correctly?
  6. Henrique Paim

    Player of a Live broadcast iOS asking camera/video permission

    I have a system broadcasting WebRTC and players on mobile devices that just receive the audio/video. This work well on computers and Android devices. However, on iOS the audio/video is not working. I don't have error messages as well. But when I include these lines on the player, it works well...
  7. N

    Не срабатывает pc.ontrack

    Добрый день! Имеется тестовое устройство Samsung SM-M326B в хроме работает корректно, а Samsung Internet browser 17.0 наблюдаются проблемы, на рабочем проекте никак не срабатывает событие pc.ontrack при попытке протестировать все на странице Media Devices connect происходит успешно, publish...
  8. P

    flashphoner/websdk: ошибка при вызове Flashphoner.init({})

    Здравствуйте! В WebSDK при инициализации (вызове Flashphoner.init({})) получаем ошибку: ReferenceError: AdapterJS is not defined Далее ничего не происходит. Приложение ранее работало, никаких изменений в коде приложения не было. Версия websdk: 2.0.226. Скажите, пожалуйста, в чем может быть...
  9. S

    switchCam and switchMic is not working

    Hi, While switching input camera and mic we are getting below error: switchCam :- After publishing the stream, switching the input camera response we are getting proper video id but, device input camera is not switching. MicCam:- While switching the mic we are getting error as "Cannot create...
  10. andrew.n

    Filters (beautify, AR, etc) on live streaming

    @Max Everything works great with the SDK, and of course, new requests came up such as using filters during the live stream. I want to ask you if you had that kind of request before, or if there is another SDK to add over the current FlashPhoner SDK to handle this request. It will be useful if...
  11. S

    Mirror effect on participant local media(CAMERA)

    Hi, Participant local video should be show on mirror effect is there any option from flashphoner side to active mirror effect?
  12. marko.nastic

    Canvas streaming issue - Android Chrome

    Recording the canvas stream doesn't work on the newest Android Chrome version(104.0.5112.69). Session and stream are established and stream preview works properly in the video element flashphoner library creates, but the recording never starts. In other browsers and on other devices all work as...
  13. R

    Script error when we're streaming multiple cameras

    We are getting following error : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'currentTime') at t.<anonymous> (flashphoner.js:13277:140560) at n.emit (flashphoner.js:13272:221258) at n.trigger (flashphoner.js:13277:115555) at e.value (flashphoner.js:13277:119656)
  14. Dani

    How can I debug session.createStream function ?

    I have this function but when it fails - it doesn't reach the first console.log and I can't tell why it's failing. how can I debug this ? session = Flashphoner.getSessions()[0]; session.createStream(optionsStreamVid).on(STREAM_STATUS.PUBLISHING, function (streamOutV)...
  15. A

    IPhone iOS 15.5 issue

    Hi there The customer is experiencing issue in video chat api with one side voice/video on different models of iPhone with updated iOS 15.5. Kindly assist on how to fix this.. new WCS build is being used. Thnx AB
  16. M

    List of available Cams - how to pre-select?

    Hello! I have one Logitech cam enabled to my computer. If I run the demo "Stream Diagnostic" this camera is automatically selected. Good! But if I use the demo "Media Devices" then I must chose from a drop down menu. Pre-selected is here the wrong input "SplitCam Video Driver". My logitec cam...
  17. R

    Flashphoner error

    When we playing recorded rtsp video we are getting following error Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot set properties of null (setting 'muted') at flashphoner.js:13277
  18. T

    Is there any example code on how to use Flashphoner WebCallServer JavaScript API (Web SDK) on reactJS?

    Is there any example code on how to use Flashphoner WebCallServer JavaScript API (Web SDK) on reactJS? https://www.npmjs.com/package/@flashphoner/websdk
  19. Nikhil Pareek

    Issues with using the 2.0.203

    Hey Team, I'm not able to use the latest npm build for typescript. I'm getting the following error. Error: node_modules/@flashphoner/websdk/src/constants.d.ts:1:16 - error TS2304: Cannot find name 'constants'. 1 export default constants as any; ~~~~~~~~~ Error...
  20. Dani

    Browser is not defined

    ESTABLISHED connectFphoner streamInName:show49pmggHTZo1QV1211027192916806 Uncaught ReferenceError: Browser is not defined at playStream (show.aspx?params) at Object.ESTABLISHED (show.aspx?params) at onSessionStatusChange (flashphoner.min.js?nc=16:12) at...