web sdk

  1. A

    IPhone iOS 15.5 issue

    Hi there The customer is experiencing issue in video chat api with one side voice/video on different models of iPhone with updated iOS 15.5. Kindly assist on how to fix this.. new WCS build is being used. Thnx AB
  2. M

    List of available Cams - how to pre-select?

    Hello! I have one Logitech cam enabled to my computer. If I run the demo "Stream Diagnostic" this camera is automatically selected. Good! But if I use the demo "Media Devices" then I must chose from a drop down menu. Pre-selected is here the wrong input "SplitCam Video Driver". My logitec cam...
  3. R

    Flashphoner error

    When we playing recorded rtsp video we are getting following error Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot set properties of null (setting 'muted') at flashphoner.js:13277
  4. T

    Is there any example code on how to use Flashphoner WebCallServer JavaScript API (Web SDK) on reactJS?

    Is there any example code on how to use Flashphoner WebCallServer JavaScript API (Web SDK) on reactJS? https://www.npmjs.com/package/@flashphoner/websdk
  5. Nikhil Pareek

    Issues with using the 2.0.203

    Hey Team, I'm not able to use the latest npm build for typescript. I'm getting the following error. Error: node_modules/@flashphoner/websdk/src/constants.d.ts:1:16 - error TS2304: Cannot find name 'constants'. 1 export default constants as any; ~~~~~~~~~ Error...
  6. Dani

    Browser is not defined

    ESTABLISHED connectFphoner streamInName:show49pmggHTZo1QV1211027192916806 Uncaught ReferenceError: Browser is not defined at playStream (show.aspx?params) at Object.ESTABLISHED (show.aspx?params) at onSessionStatusChange (flashphoner.min.js?nc=16:12) at...
  7. D

    Problem Running Screen Sharing Example

    I am trying to run the screen-sharing demo locally on a Mac. For some reason, when I click the "connect" button, it doesn't do anything. But when running your demo, from your site, it does work. In the browser debugger, I see this: Which is here in screen-sharing.js: Why might this be...
  8. M

    WCS update while still using old client?

    Hello! I want to update my WCS from version 5.2.591 to 5.2.1031. The reason is that I also want to let it work on iPhones now since Apple implemented the necessary webview technics. My problem is that I have a very(!) adjusted JS client (version The worst case would be that I have...
  9. Sơn IT

    Change volume publish stream from app

    Hello. I have a question . my app can adjust the volume microphone when publishing the stream. If OK, then how ? Thanks
  10. S

    Embedding iframe player, audio-only mode available?

    Hello version: 5.2.944 I am using WebCallServer 5 (hosted on AWS) and want to embed the player via an iframe. As i sometimes have an audio-only stream, i would like to only show the controls and no video player. How is that possible (i was looking for a flag like "audio-only" to pass to the...
  11. S

    Change in updated flashphoner.js causes error

    Since implementing version 2.0.198 of the javascript Flashphoner Web SDK we received "Browser is not defined" javascript errors. It seems that pages/scripts based on this version need to have an extra declaration added to it : var Browser = Flashphoner.Browser; After that, scripts work again...
  12. S

    audio not working when using Safari and Web SDK (Firefox and Chrome are fine)

    Hello version: 5.2.944 WebSDK: 2.0.198 I am using WebCallServer 5 (hosted on AWS) to broadcast a stream to a webapp (Vue.js) using theWebSDK. I have the issue that in Safari (iPhone, iPad and MacBook) audio streaming doesn't work (there is just no audio). When using it together with a video...
  13. Divan

    SDK для desktop приложений

    Добрый день! Возможна ли работа SDK, API в десктопном приложении: Windows 10, Linux (ALT, Ubuntu), Mac Os X План разработки с применением библиотеки tkinter python3 и/или PySimpleGUI , kivy
  14. R

    Microphone increase volume

    How can I increase volume on the microphone using web sdk?
  15. R

    Zooming from web sdk

    Is there any api functionalities where I can zoom in and zoom out from the Web sdk? Something like this: const stream = await navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({ video: { zoom: true } });
  16. S

    WebSDK update from 2.0.171 to 2.0.180

    Hi, After updating of NPM package from 2.0.171 to 2.0.180 I have a strage errors that i dont have with 171 version. I use following syntax tu import the Flashphoner object : import Flashphoner from '@flashphoner/websdk'; Here a the errors from console : harmony module decorator:7 Uncaught...
  17. Alex966413

    Изменения в файле на стороне Флешфонера

    Можно ли внести изменения? Изменения нужны в этом файле: https://github.com/flashphoner/flashphoner_client/blob/wcs_api-2.0/src/room-module.js Метод ДО: //participant helpers function play(streamName) { return function (display) { var stream = session.createStream({name: streamName, display...
  18. Petr Dikiy

    Черный экран

    После включения камеры в консоли отображается камера - которая undefined, хотя есть доступная и она выводится перед запуском media devices. Такая ошибка воспроизводится даже если удалить все остальные виртуальные камеры в системе. Так же получаем черный экран без звука и видео или идет...
  19. prateek_sharma

    found Remote_cached video when stop the one stream and play other stream

    i am getting an duplicate div elements when try to stop one stream and playing other stream i attached the problem below
  20. J

    Fixing Video Frame Size in WebRTC

    I'm using the demo code from webrtc streaming example to build our streaming page, and I realized if I open the streaming page on mobile device, the capture window will appear in portrait mode. How do I fix the capture window in landscape mode and also the ratio aspect (eg: 16:9 with min width...