Can't find suitable network interface

Wajahat Hafeez

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Dear Flashphoner Support,

I have recently downloaded trial version of latest web call server for testing to see its is worth for buying for my project.
I have installed it per instructions, but the following error is occurring when i run the live streaming example.
"Can't find suitable network interface"

Attached is the console log as well as screen shot for reference.
Kindly guide me through.
Screenshot from 2015-07-30 14:51:20.png

Pressed publishButton
Streaming.js (line 86)
Streaming.js (line 239)
UTC 09:55:36.513 - WebRtcMediaConnection - createOffer()
Flashphoner.js (line 2051)
UTC 09:55:36.517 - Connection state is not established. Initializing...
Flashphoner.js (line 2051)
UTC 09:55:36.520 - WebRtcMediaConnection - init
Flashphoner.js (line 2051)
UTC 09:55:36.522 - peerConnection is null
Flashphoner.js (line 2051)
UTC 09:55:36.525 - WebRtcMediaConnection - createPeerConnection()
Flashphoner.js (line 2051)
UTC 09:55:36.615 - WebRtcMediaConnection - onCreateOfferSuccessCallback this.peerConnection: [object mozRTCPeerConnection] this.peerConnectionState: new
Flashphoner.js (line 2051)
UTC 09:55:36.619 - WebRtcMediaConnection - onSetLocalDescriptionSuccessCallback
Flashphoner.js (line 2051)
UTC 09:55:36.621 - WebRtcMediaConnection - onSetLocalDescriptionSuccessCallback: sdp=v=0
o=mozilla...THIS_IS_SDPARTA-39.0 2951404371903638518 0 IN IP4
t=0 0
a=fingerprint:sha-256 72:7E:50:75:07:D3:82:5C:34:55:3D:79:29:48:B9:D2:46:8A:AE:5F:FD:C0:48:27:79:29:07:78:4C:88:F6:DB
a=group:BUNDLE sdparta_0
a=msid-semantic:WMS *
m=video 9 RTP/SAVPF 120 126 97
c=IN IP4
a=fmtp:120 max-fs=12288;max-fr=60
a=fmtp:126 profile-level-id=42e01f;level-asymmetry-allowed=1;packetization-mode=1
a=fmtp:97 profile-level-id=42e01f;level-asymmetry-allowed=1
a=msid:{4756662d-63ba-43c6-8202-bda122e61d80} {d5ed6584-1b33-4862-af34-8c5e44ebfdd0}
a=rtcp-fb:120 nack
a=rtcp-fb:120 nack pli
a=rtcp-fb:120 ccm fir
a=rtcp-fb:126 nack
a=rtcp-fb:126 nack pli
a=rtcp-fb:126 ccm fir
a=rtcp-fb:97 nack
a=rtcp-fb:97 nack pli
a=rtcp-fb:97 ccm fir
a=rtpmap:120 VP8/90000
a=rtpmap:126 H264/90000
a=rtpmap:97 H264/90000
a=ssrc:764414595 cname:{b1344730-1cde-4564-8df2-9bb3039bbe6e}

Flashphoner.js (line 2051)
UTC 09:55:36.627 - Current PeerConnectionState is 'preparing-offer' sending offer...
Flashphoner.js (line 2051)
UTC 09:55:36.633 - Publish name OCUAY7uMUYDzDVC4m3vaFatubE966D
Flashphoner.js (line 2051)
INFO Can't find suitable network interface
Streaming.js (line 239)


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I have checked
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Firefox 35.0.1. Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu canonical - 1.0
  • Web Call Server 4 - 1333, Web Client - 670.1331
It works for me.
INFO Can't find suitable network interface
It looks like a networking issue. FF can't use network interfaces on your PC by some reason. Please install latest versions of WCS and check it.