Could there any license key validation process be affected by any political decisions in the near future?



I am sure you have a lot of trouble or at least planning uncertainties due to the recent political trends what I really regret. Nevertheless I must ask this:
I have two server licenses. One for WCS2.1 and one for WCS5.1. For both I bought the life-time license. But as far as I remember there happens a regularly handshake to one of your servers to validate the license key. Although I bought the life-time license. If so, could any kind of interruption happen because of any technical restriction directed by politics? Russia plans a pure russian internet I read today and USA and other countrys talk about cutting backbone connections to Russia.
If I am wrong with the regulary license check handshakes I am sorry.

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1. No handshakes (pings) used for Standalone (life-time) license.
However, if you perform activation or if you migrate activation to another server, you have to do ./ and ./
This is single request to licensing servers.

2. Subscription license does pings. These pings are processed by AWS cloud license servers. These servers are linked to EU company.

Therefore we estimate such a risk as low either for Standalone or Subscription licenses.