disabling option like sip, webrtc as rtmp,two streming ,stream etc


Hello their
i want to disable all the option providing by webcallserver except screen sharing and i want disable all other options like
sip, webrtc as rtmp,two way streaming ,stream ,video chat ,conference,flash stream flash video chat canvas streaming
stream snapshot stream recording ,firewall steaming ,phone etc.
means i want only screen sharing and a client that play a video of (screen sharing) on client side
i hope you under stand my concern
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Good day.
We did not fully understand your question.
When you develop your project, you take our example with dependencies and deploy it to your web server.
For example, Screen Sharing:
Example of working with code for this case in the documentation.
Since you deployed only this example, other WCS functions will not work.


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i hope you under stand my concern
1. Move folder /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/client2 to your own web server (nginx or apache)
as a result, you can leave just your screen sharing UI, not others.
2. Setup authorization.
1) Make sure your connection REST hook works: https://your-backend/hook/connect
It should return application/json with the same data in the body as received.
2) Pass custom token
Here 12345 is your secure token
3) WCS will call /connect REST hook and will pass the token.
4) If you don't authorize the connection, return 403 forbidden.
Therefore you can leave just Screen Sharing UI and setup authorization for all connections from other UIs.
3. Close ports on firewall.
You can leave just 8443 TCP websockets and [31000-32000] UDP TCP WebRTC ports open.
And close other ports on your firewall: 8444 (https, REST), 8081 (http, REST), 1935 (Flash, RTMP), 30000-30999 (TCP UDP, SIP), HLS (TCP, 8445), etc.
Please check out full port list in the docs: https://docs.flashphoner.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=9241885