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Hi Max. I signed up for a trial some time ago, installed the demo on AWS, but then never moved forward with the actually testing it. I just am so busy. Now, today, I finally got onto the server, and alas, my demo expired YESTERDAY! Any way I can actually get a new 30 day trial?


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Make sure your server has external internet connection.
1. It should be able to connect to our license servers at https://my.flashphoner.com
2. It should be able to connect to NTP servers pool.ntp.org (TCP)
If you fix the connection issue, try to restart service
service webcallserver restart


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I'm connecting fine to the license server, as well as to the FP installation. The issue is that the license has expired. I signed up for a trial, but didn't get an opportunity to actually do anything with it. I'm asking if my 30 day trial can be renewed.

Activation date: 2018.04.19
Expiration date: 2018.04.18
Name: Chris Brewer
Company: Securonet
Product name: Web Call Server 5
Features: [wcs_rtmfp2rtmfp_broadcasting, wcs_sip_as_rtmp, rtc2sip_vp8, flash2sip_h264, flash2sip_h263, wcs_webrtc_screen_sharing, rtc_audio_recording, flash2flash_h264, wcs_ipcam2rtc_broadcasting, wcs_rtsp2rtc_broadcasting, rtc_hold_transfer, rtc2sip_h263, rtc2sip_h264, ws_im_simple, wcs_flash_stream_recording, rtc2rtc_vp8, wcs_rtc2rtc_broadcasting, rtc2rtc_g711_opus, wcs_webrtc_stream_recording, wcs_share_rtmfp_as_rtsp, rtc2sip_g711_opus, rtc2sip_g729, wcs_share_rtsp_as_websocket, rtc_dtmf, wcs_share_rtmfp_as_webrtc, wcs_ipcam2flash_broadcasting, wcs_share_webrtc_as_rtsp, wcs_share_webrtc_as_websocket, wcs_share_webrtc_as_rtmfp, flash_fallback_audio, ws_im_plain, wcs_share_rtmfp_as_websocket]
LicenseNumber: {License number removed for security reasons}
LicenseType: Trial
LicenseSc: -1
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