flashphoner JS client not supporting Edge


I have the min-phone JS code implemented on my website and it works perfect. But since I switched from ws to wss the code isn't working any longer for Microsoft Edge. (I do not want to exclude that the missing support for Edge occurs only accidently when switching to wss. I realized the problem about 2 weeks after switching)
I know that there were made some adjustements for the JS code also to support Edge. In my used code it is still not present. Normally I would just change out the scripts and replace them through the latest ones but I have made a lot of adjustments to my scripts so that it would take a lot of time. I would like to ask if an expert could have a look into my scripts (I think only flashphoner.js is the one, may be also phone-min.js) to add the Edge related code lines to bring it to work again? I am sure it is a question of 20 minutes and I can offer 50 USD for this small project. I hope that is enough.

Best regards