Flickering streams since FP update


New Member
We used an old version of Flashphoner and recently upgraded the software.
The "new" Flashphoner software has also another intern player than the old one. Sadly this player makes really big problems on all Win11 PCs.

Here a small 5sec example:

This never happend with the old player and now it looks like this in all Win11 PCs.
We didnt change anything regarding the integration. Just made the FP update.
Do you have an idea how to solve this?



Staff member
Good day.
Please clarify the following:
1. What Windows 11 build do you use?
2. What browser do you use?
3. In what example the issue is reproducing: Two Way Streaming, Player, Embed Player etc?
If the problem is reproducing in 2 Players example, it may be a known issue 11, in this case we recommend to use mixer to play 2 or more streams on the same page.
Also, provide SSH access to the server using this form.