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    I'm trying to setup click2call simple app but all I get in the console is FAILED and DISCONNECT. I fill the info in accont.xml and callee.xml ( where I put my whole number "+3598.....").
    After the page sends a request it gets
    {"message":"fail","data":[{"status":"FAILED","info":"App not found","apiMethod":"ConnectionStatusEvent"}]}
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    You can get some examples here
    To get this working try the simple way:
    1. Open examples/min/Click-to-Call-min.html and examples/min/Click-to-Call-min.js files
    You can find these files in the WCS Client package
    2. Edit js file
    f.connect({urlServer: "ws://", appKey: "click2call"});
    f.connect({urlServer: "ws://", appKey: "defaultApp", sipLogin:"mylogin", sipPassword:"mypassword", sipDomain:"mysipdomain"});
    Here should be your WCS host IP.
    Then Replace
    call.callee = "override_by_rest";
    call.callee = "+3598...";
    It is your phone number.
    So the click-to-call link should work now as a simple phone without dial-pad.
    In the next post I will describe how to setup security and keep SIP credentials on server-side.
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    In fact Click-to-Call-min.js with changes described above is very similar to Phone-min.js that you can find in the same directory examples/min.
    To secure SIP credentials you have to create REST application.
    On server
    ssh -p 2000 admin@localhost
    password admin
    >show apps
    admin defaultApp        defaultApp        1  http://localhost:9091/EchoApp
    >add app click2call click2call http://my-web-server/rest
    click2call - is appKey which should be used in
    f.connect({urlServer: "ws://", appKey: "click2call"});
    >add app-rest-methods -a click2call
    This means your HTTP url returns correct JSON for all REST methods: http://my-web-server/rest/connect, http://my-web-server/rest/call, etc.
    By default it can be 'echo' JSON returning the same data as received.
    You can also add 'connect' method only:
    >add app-rest-method connect click2call

    When WCS receives connection with appKey "click2call" it will send REST/HTTP request to your web application: http://my-web-server/rest/connect and your HTTP server should return 200 OK with response JSON body like this:
    "sipRegisterRequired": true,
    "sipLogin": "WCS1",
    "sipAuthenticationName": "WCS1",
    "sipDomain": "sip.org",
    "sipOutboundProxy": "sip.org",
    "sipPassword": "12345",
    "sipPort": 5060
    Thus these SIP credentials returned by server will be used for call.

    Here you can find REST app example with PHP code:
    You can customize it for testing.
    Please read more documentation how to manage applications and REST methods.
    Command Line Interface
    and Call Flow
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