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Discussion in 'Web Call Server 5' started by Sebastian Pereyro, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Sebastian Pereyro

    Sebastian Pereyro New Member


    What is the maximum resolution we can send from iOS sdk to Flashphoner server? In other words, we are hoping we can send up to 720p, is that supposed to work?.

    We tried the config below but it seems it is not sending up that size
    options.constraints = FPWCSApi2MediaConstraints(audio:true, videoWidth:1280, videoHeight:720, videoFps:30)


  2. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    Could you please provide webrtc-internals graphs?

    1. Build and open application Media Devices
    Make sure you set 1280x720 in local settings.
    2. Press start to publish your video stream from iOS
    3. See stream name from http://host:8081/?action=stat
    4. Play this stream in desktop Chrome browser
    5. Open chrome://webrtc-internals

    Therefore you will able to publish iOS stream to WCS server, play this stream back and see stream parameters.
    As you can see from our graphs, we have 1280x720 stream with average frame rate 30 FPS.
    Please check your stream.
    This test was done on iPhone6, iOS 10.1.1.
    Make sure your device provides similar values.
  3. Sebastian Pereyro

    Sebastian Pereyro New Member

    Hi Max,

    Thank you, I confirmed that the video is 1280x720 by doing the test you recommended. Do you have any other idea of why the video could not be accepted by facebook? We are trying to republish the stream to facebook, and for some reason is not accepting it. My initial thought was that the size was not correct, but it seems thats not the case.

    Any other ideas?


  4. Alex

    Alex Administrator Staff Member

    Are you testing from iOS app or from Google Chrome Desktop?
    Please provide details. We will check.
  5. Sebastian Pereyro

    Sebastian Pereyro New Member


    We are testing from iOS, and we figured it out. We needed to set the video and audio configs when setting the constraints, we believe that when you device is sending a much higher than the maximum allowed by Facebook, they just do not accept it.

    Thanks for the prompt response.



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