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    So, i have some qustions about softphone:
    1. As i understand, to use autologing by softphone i must send some token (like id or else, for my reason) to my server and it must return json-answer with needed data, right?(according to documentation)
    2. Can i make some, which help catch moments when call started and call finished? For idea: when call is started - softphone sends some AJAX request to server - server saved start time of call. Need to reports)
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    Perhaps these docs might be helpful
    Connection scheme
    Authentication scheme
    Authentication sample
    Yes. WCS delegates authentication logic to your web-server.
    By default WCS uses local web-server http://localhost:9091/EchoApp
    This web-server simply returns 'Echo' - the same data as received. You can see it in logs/flashphoner_manager.log

    Yes. By default WCS sends all this data to local web-server. You can see it in logs/flashphoner_manager.log.
    Call Notifications Scheme
    To configure your own web-server you can use Command Line Interface
    For example:
    update app -l "" defaultApp
    show apps
    Here should be your web-server URL.
    Example of JSON on a web-server
    So when you connect from html page, you use
    Then connection logic will be delegated to REST/JSON method. And you are able to allow or drop the connection on web-server end sending HTTP 200 OK or 403 Forbidden respectively.
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