Snapshot timeout


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I am getting this warning every few times I try to get a snapshot and it returns status 500.
Can I increase the timeout or do something about this?

WARN  RestStreamController - HTTPS-pool-5-thread-347 Snapshot response timeout


Staff member
Good day.
The response timeout in this case is 3 seconds (fixed value). Usually, this is enough to take a stream snapshot. Please check your server configuration: for example, if you're using a minimal supported server config (1 CPU core) and trying to take 1080p stream snapshot, the CPU is not enough to do this. Or, on cloud server, if vrtual storage is used, dick I/O may be not enough for a continious stream snapshotting (for example, to snapshot every frame).
We raised the ticket WCS-3351 to add the setting for stream snapshot timeout, but strongly recommend to review server configuration at this point.