Stream Restriction by authorize domains or ip addresses?


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Try this format for RTMP URL in DJI Go: stream name at the end of the URL after the connection parameters and '/' - e.g.,
It has been checked with the DJI Go application and worked (on the attached screenshot of the dump, the stream name is ‘ffmpeg’ ).


Ah, thanks. I didn't try that format. I am away from the drone hardware for a few days, but will test this out soon and let you know the results.


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Currently WCS does not support domain restriction.
We will inform you once it is implemented.
I don't know if replying to an older post is correct protocol, but was this ever implemented? I am streaming from webrtc to hls and using a videojs player on my site to play the m3u8 file. Any user can view source code and see the full url for the m3u8 file and then concurrently use it in their own videojs player. I'd like to restrict the use of the m3u8 url to only my site.