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    I am trying to use Flashphoner to restream RTSP from a VMS to a browser using WebRTC. Due to the way the VMS is setup, sometimes the response back is a 302, indicating the RTSP stream should be initialized from a different location. This response code is treated as an error in Flashphoner and the stream is aborted. Is there a way around this issue or is there a plan to resolve it? The fix would be pretty easy since the new location is returned in the response.

    Example error:
    RtspAgent - pool-338-thread-1 Received bad response 302 Moved Temporarily, aborting

    Example response:
    RTSP/1.0 302 Moved Temporarily
    Location: rtsp://
    CSeq: 3
    Session: 24233300
    X-RtspClientVersion: 5.7

    I will email the logs associated with this error to
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  2. Max

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    We raised internal ticket WCS-2006
    Will inform once we have any progress on this issue.

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