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Discussion in 'Web Call Server 5' started by LucasClarkson, May 10, 2019.

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    I am trying to use Flashphoner to restream RTSP from a VMS to a browser using WebRTC. Due to the way the VMS is setup, sometimes the response back is a 302, indicating the RTSP stream should be initialized from a different location. This response code is treated as an error in Flashphoner and the stream is aborted. Is there a way around this issue or is there a plan to resolve it? The fix would be pretty easy since the new location is returned in the response.

    Example error:
    RtspAgent - pool-338-thread-1 Received bad response 302 Moved Temporarily, aborting

    Example response:
    RTSP/1.0 302 Moved Temporarily
    Location: rtsp://
    CSeq: 3
    Session: 24233300
    X-RtspClientVersion: 5.7

    I will email the logs associated with this error to
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  2. Max

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    We raised internal ticket WCS-2006
    Will inform once we have any progress on this issue.
  3. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    Good day.
    We released the build 5.2.179 with 302 Moved Temporarily redirect support for RSTP streams. Please update to this build and check.

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