WCS in docker ICE candidate timeout


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I have worked with WCS for a while and now we need to move the server to a docker container.
I have pulled the recent version and ran the container like this:

docker run -e LICENSE=$WCS_LICENSE -e PASSWORD=$WCS_PW --net=bridge --name webcallserver-instance -d flashphoner/webcallserver:latest

I can access the server in the docker container IP:
I have several IP cameras connected to the LAN port and have addresses: -
I can view the RTSP stream in VLC but I get ICE Candidate timeout when trying to view in WCS:


#server ip
ip = # external
ip_local =

Please help :) Thanks a lot!


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Good day.
Failed by ICE timeout message means that media ports (31001-32000/UDP by default) are not accessible in the container.
Please read this article about docker container setup to be accessible from external network.