1. Alex YYY

    Проблемы с docker контейнером

    Имеется docker-compose файл с такими настройками: wcsserver: image: flashphoner/webcallserver:5.2.898 container_name: wcsserver network_mode: host expose: - "8080-8084" - "8443-8445" - "554" - "1935" - "1935/udp" - "30000-35000"...
  2. S

    Как запустить https://localhost:8444/admin/

    Пытаюсь сервер установить через docker по 2 инструкциям все хорошо лицензия активируется но открыть в браузере и начать тестировать не могу Не удается получить доступ к сайту
  3. kip9696

    Cant Login page admin account

    Hi I cant login page with admin account (https://~:8888/) I tried login admin/admin but I see forbidden I created server with docker And How Can I change UDP Port range? reply pleeasee thx
  4. AshNeilson

    Newer Docker Images fail to Start

    We've previously been running WCS Docker Image 5.2.802 without any issues during start-up. It appears newer versions (e.g. 5.2.847) of the Docker Image are failing to start with no additional configuration. Steps to reproduce are simple as detailed below: docker run -e "LICENSE=<license...
  5. S

    configure rest hook in config file

    Hi, I'm building my docker image on top of the official flashphoner one. Today to configure rest hooks I need to add a custom ssh commands that uses CLI. I was wondering whether it is possible to configure defaultApp via a config file or something like that? Also, do you consider that the...
  6. rukosenpa

    Failed By ICE timeout

    Good day. I've deployed WCS 5.2.672 server with docker container from docker hub on dedicated server. Can't get any stream, cause error "Failed by ICE timeout." UDP ports are reachable(checked following this guide...
  7. S

    Docker windows problem

    Hi, new to the product, but has successfully installed and worked with it on CentOS servers. However, we want to run development locally and use Docker for this. Created a simple docker compose: image: flashphoner/webcallserver:latest ports: - "22:22" - "8443:8443" - "8444:8444" -...