run docker image as non root user


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I am running flashphoner as a docker container.
After fiddling for 2 days it finally started working.
it still throws an error in logs

sed: cannot rename /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/conf/sedQpekMU: Device or resource busy
sed: cannot rename /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/conf/sedVr0oTU: Device or resource busy
even though this topic is not about those errors in log, but still would like to know what affect it has on the application and how it can be fixed.

now back to the topic:
Next step after making the container run is securing the environment by running container as non root user.

I found flashphoner user present in the container, but when I trued to run it as flashphoner user I received following error

Activation complete
FlashphonerWebCallServer: starting
FlashphonerWebCallServer cannot be started from user flashphoner, please switch WCS_NON_ROOT in to true!
WebCallServer failed
FlashphonerWebCallServer: not running
To fix this issue some may suggest to mount the file as a volume to keep modifications persistent, but this on the edge of defeating the purpose.
much elegant way would be using WCS_NON_ROOT as a variable in the container configuration.

and here is the ask:
is it possible to have WCS_NON_ROOT as variable in upcoming container versions?



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Good day.
Please clarify: do you use the official Docker image or building a custom one?
Please also note thai official Docker image is build upon official Ubuntu 18.04 image which has no sudo command inside required to run WCS as non root user. So WCS may be launched inside container as root only.