We are updating to WCS4 and upgrading our server too!

Discussion in 'Web Call Server 4' started by Alain R. Mady, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. Alain R. Mady

    Alain R. Mady New Member

    Hello Team, can you please advice the best server configuration! Is it the 32 or 64 Memory
    with higher speed MHz or the number of cores 4/8 6/12 are most suitable for Flashphoner WCS4 & Video...

    We want a good good quality voice sound. What will be the best configuration for a dedicated server ? to go for memory or cores or Mem speed
    Webcall SRB Regards Alain
  2. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    WCS works on Linux x86_64 only.
    It is 64-bit system.

    Production requirements for video calls:
    1. At least 8 Gb RAM
    2. At least 2 x Quad Core CPU Intel Xeon (In past we had some issues with AMD Opteron).
    More cores - better.
    More memory speed - better.
    Main parameter is number of cores and its speed. For example 2 x Quad Core CPU x 2GHz = 2*4*2 = 16 Ghz overall speed.
    2 x Six Core CPU x 3GHz = 2*6*3 = 36 Ghz overall speed. Thus the second configuration is two times better.

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