We have problems with the server operation. Are there any reqs to hardware or software?


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Can you say what are requirements to connection and soft of the clioent. We tested on several pcs and when the button is clicked nothing happens really. No connection to the server, nothing. I mean it works from time to time. There's nothing suspicious in the logs. The softphone loads ok, but doesn't respond, even in the console. Is it plausible that the wi-fi router simply doesn't have some required functions or some ports are locked or anything?


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Thank you for your request.
The client works thru Websocket and WebRTC protocols.
The connection opens the 8080 port - TCP. It also uses UDP to talk to the server opening vairous ports.
There's a dependence on a browser In Internet Explorer Flash RTMFP is activated.
And this will be the UDP port # 1935.
If your network doesn't allow such connections, you can't make a call.
To find the actual problem, turn on server logs with the following command:

tcpdump -s 4096 -w log.pcap
Then run Wireshark on each of the tested clients.
If you click the button and the connection is not established, the packets will show up in the Wireshark logs, but will not show in the server logs.