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    AWS устаревшая версия

    Здравствуйте. Мои админы говорят, что на AWS (Amazon Marketplace Hourly License) установлена устаревшая версия, и поставить новее невозможно. Вы не обновляете? Можете обновить до последней?
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    AWS Marketplace AMI for CDN and autoscaling

    Hi, Based on this link, we faced a same issue yesterday where our license changed to expired state even though auto-renew is enabled last month itself. This broke our production system streaming functionality. So we...
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    AWS market place deployed demo not working.

    Hi, I just tried the subscription through AWS market place. The deployed instance cant run, Using "demo" credentials I see the interface but functionality doesnt work. Using the "admin" and ec2 instance as password, I am stuck at this screen. Please suggest next steps.