1. M

    HLS first user issue

    Hi, I m publishing the streams to origin servers and playing using HLS by edge servers. When a first user tries to view the stream, the stream can't be played in player and buffer gets stalled out. If it is played again, then streams gets played. Based on this link...
  2. KonstantinK

    буффер на стороне клиента

    при воспроизведении потока в VLC видео идет с задержкой, но не замирает а при воспроизведении потока в HTML5 плеере видео идет без задежки, но замерает. подскажите есть ли возможность использования буфера на стороне клиента для HTML5 плеера?
  3. M

    Malformed response headers

    Hi, My Origin and edge servers are behind AWS Load balancers respectively. Whenever there is a 200 response from WCS server, the Load balancer returns response witn 200 HTTP code. But when the WCS server returns 404 or 401, then the Load balancer returns 502 or 503 respectively which means LB...
  4. R

    HLS Stream Quality

    Hello Max, We are confused about HLS. How to define 720p quality to HLS on edge? We start the HLS by API, but how to call an specific transcoder to them?
  5. R

    RTMP -> HLS - Audio Wihout Sync

    Hello! We are streaming from VMIX to Youtube and FlashPhoner. On Youtube we got SYNC audio x video. On our structure, we got Audio and Video after some time, lost the sync and do not recover. We have an ORIGIN server and EDGE on Google Cloud. We can see the lost of SYNC on WebRTC and M3MU...
  6. pitchaya

    I would like to get HSL url

    How to get HLS Url for stream frame python , Source Video stream from camera web browser
  7. snark13

    HLS broadcasting problem

    Hi ! Возникла проблема с публикацией стримов через HLS. Через какое-то время в HLS плейлисте начинают пропадать каждый второй сегмент Вначале плейлист выглядит так - #EXTM3U #EXT-X-VERSION:8 #EXT-X-TARGETDURATION:2 #EXT-X-MEDIA-SEQUENCE:30 #EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY-SEQUENCE:0 #EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY...
  8. richard-vd

    HLS gives HTTP 404 not found

    Hi, My RTSP stream plays fine in the embedded player example page (WebRTC). Now I am trying to access this RTSP stream as HLS. From the HLS player examples I understand that I should be able to get the M3U8 playlist at https://<WCS_IP>:8445/<URL-encoded-RTSP-URL>/<URL-encoded-RTSP-URL>.m3u8...
  9. R

    Backup Stream

    Hello! Its possible to configure a backup stream? For example, if HLS 1 failed on the middle of event, we automatic load HLS 2.
  10. M

    HLS edge server not playing

    Hi, I am recieving error messages like this 12:51:48,000 ERROR WCSAgent - API-ASYNC-pool-12-thread-1 7467ef3a-fe12-45b5-a875-822cd2ae370e Stream 38-1594642976-586182 local failed 12:51:48,039 ERROR Server - HLS-38-1594642976-586182 Uncaught exception...
  11. R

    Auto start HLS by RTMP

    Hello! There is an way to auto-start HLS from RTMP published stream?
  12. pirks

    Optimal cloud instance

    I am building a streaming system based on your server. The wcs server receives 100 rtsp streams at the input. At the output, I want to distribute 50 streams using webrtc and HLS (80% / 20%) .The total number of viewers is not more than 300. Also 50 streams should be recorded as HLS. The question...
  13. M

    Autoscaling considerations for CDN HLS Viewing

    Hi, I am having origin and edge servers behind respective load balancers (AWS LB). Using CDN edge servers, I am playing the stream using HLS. I done a WebRTC publish load test by following this link https://docs.flashphoner.com/display/WCS52EN/Load+testing+using+WebRTC+pulling. I can able to...
  14. M

    CDN edge server (defaultApp) returns 401 Unauthorized

    Hi, I am using CDN with one origin server and one edge server. Each server is behind a load balancer. I have created a custom app called "development" pointed to my backend to authorize the publisher when a stream is connected or published. In viewer part, the playback is streamed using HLS. It...
  15. M

    CDN - failed to connect to origin server

    Hi, I am trying to do live stream using CDN. I have two load balancers (AWS), one for origin and another for edge. I followed the steps with dynamic CDN and I am getting "Failed to connect error" in edge server. Edge: cdn_enabled=true cdn_ip={ip_local} cdn_point_of_entry=origin.demo.com...
  16. M

    playHLS custom backend server enpoint not working

    Hi, I am trying to authenticate the HLS playback by calling my backend server with custom token. I followed this link https://docs.flashphoner.com/display/WCS52EN/In+a+browser+via+HLS#InabrowserviaHLS-HLSplaybackauthenticationusingRESThook to enable aclAuth. And followed this link to create...
  17. Nikitos

    хочу стать клиентом

    Добрый день! хочу стать вашим клиентом, но, к сожалению, имеются проблемы в мат части программирования, пожалуйста, помогите их заполнить для того, что бы я стал вашим клиентом 1) для того, что бы мне делать захват экрана с помощью web call server - мне нужен отдельный выделеный сервер на...
  18. R

    I want realtime streaming from rtmp link.. 0 latency video

    hello dear. what i need to changes in server properties file to make realtime streaming from rtmp link ?