1. pirks

    Optimal cloud instance

    I am building a streaming system based on your server. The wcs server receives 100 rtsp streams at the input. At the output, I want to distribute 50 streams using webrtc and HLS (80% / 20%) .The total number of viewers is not more than 300. Also 50 streams should be recorded as HLS. The question...
  2. M

    Autoscaling considerations for CDN HLS Viewing

    Hi, I am having origin and edge servers behind respective load balancers (AWS LB). Using CDN edge servers, I am playing the stream using HLS. I done a WebRTC publish load test by following this link https://docs.flashphoner.com/display/WCS52EN/Load+testing+using+WebRTC+pulling. I can able to...
  3. M

    CDN edge server (defaultApp) returns 401 Unauthorized

    Hi, I am using CDN with one origin server and one edge server. Each server is behind a load balancer. I have created a custom app called "development" pointed to my backend to authorize the publisher when a stream is connected or published. In viewer part, the playback is streamed using HLS. It...
  4. M

    CDN - failed to connect to origin server

    Hi, I am trying to do live stream using CDN. I have two load balancers (AWS), one for origin and another for edge. I followed the steps with dynamic CDN and I am getting "Failed to connect error" in edge server. Edge: cdn_enabled=true cdn_ip={ip_local} cdn_point_of_entry=origin.demo.com...
  5. M

    playHLS custom backend server enpoint not working

    Hi, I am trying to authenticate the HLS playback by calling my backend server with custom token. I followed this link https://docs.flashphoner.com/display/WCS52EN/In+a+browser+via+HLS#InabrowserviaHLS-HLSplaybackauthenticationusingRESThook to enable aclAuth. And followed this link to create...
  6. Nikitos

    хочу стать клиентом

    Добрый день! хочу стать вашим клиентом, но, к сожалению, имеются проблемы в мат части программирования, пожалуйста, помогите их заполнить для того, что бы я стал вашим клиентом 1) для того, что бы мне делать захват экрана с помощью web call server - мне нужен отдельный выделеный сервер на...