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  1. Henrique Paim

    Player of a Live broadcast iOS asking camera/video permission

    I have a system broadcasting WebRTC and players on mobile devices that just receive the audio/video. This work well on computers and Android devices. However, on iOS the audio/video is not working. I don't have error messages as well. But when I include these lines on the player, it works well...
  2. sangsoo

    Problem when rotating the phone (90 degrees to the left) in Safari on iPhone (iOS16)

    Hello When the phone is rotated (left 90 degrees) in Safari on iPhone (iOS16), the phone cam looks distorted. A right 90 degree rotation is normal. - ----- My WCS Version info-----...
  3. A

    IPhone iOS 15.5 issue

    Hi there The customer is experiencing issue in video chat api with one side voice/video on different models of iPhone with updated iOS 15.5. Kindly assist on how to fix this.. new WCS build is being used. Thnx AB
  4. hyuk

    ios mute issue

    hi.. I put this code in order to have the voice come out automatically without unmute. setTimeout(function () { stream.muteRemoteAudio(); stream.unmuteRemoteAudio(); }, 1500); However, the video freezes as soon as the mute is released. Is there a way to watch the audio and video without pressing...
  5. hyuk

    mobile ios 15.1 safari publish error

    There is a problem when broadcasting live with this sample. Versions below mobile ios 14 do not seem to have any problems. The page is reconnected without any errors before the camera is connected. If I put h264 in stripcodecs it works. What is the problem? When transcoding, the cpu share is...
  6. djuka

    iOS15.1.1 websocket issue

    Hi Max, I have an issue with WebSocket communication with Safari client on iPhone 12 iOS 15.1.1. They have changed something in the new firmware version and now WebSocket connection drops immediately after the connection started. I found some solution on the net and it reflects to disable...
  7. G

    FlashPhoner on Webview on Android iOS App not working

    I use react native and I use WebView on App to connect WebRTC it's work on iOS 14 or lower but after v 15 it's not work at all. So, I want solution solve this problem. Please advice.
  8. M

    Issues after update to 5.2.1070 version on IOS 15.1 And Firefox 93

    Hello We started to receive complaints about video freezes in Chrome, after Chrome release the 95 version. So we started to update our servers from 5.2.970 to 5.2.1070. We update also the WebSDK to 2.0.203 version. After this update, we started to receive complaints in Iphone and Firefox. We...
  9. pride

    iOS 14.x

    На ios 14.7 (iphone 12) вместо камеры просто черный экран. На вашей демке тоже самое. В чем может быть проблема?
  10. alexosh

    Черный экран на iOS (трансляция с камеры)

    Добрый день. Проблема на iOS клиентах. Трансляция с веб-камеры, на сервере дефолтные настройки. Используется кастомизированный embed player, в mediaProviders указано WebRTC,MSE (или пробовали наоборот), transport: TCP. Стрим подключается по и показывается нормально. Видео без звука (он...
  11. alexosh

    Тормоза видео на HTTPS странице.

    Во время разработки сайт работает по HTTP соединению. К wsc подключается по secure портам (https/8888 и wss/8443), используется стандартный embed_player - видео показывается стабильно. При деплое на сервер который обслуживает страницу по HTTPS, в этом же самом браузере видео 1) достаточно...
  12. Mik

    Перестали работать iOS клиенты

    Добрый день Есть подозрение, что прошлое некое обновление IOS клиентов, после чего они (практически все) перестали писать видео. Помогите, пожалуйста, с разбором логов (прилагаю).
  13. dex35

    Не запускается звук в safari

    Здравствуйте. Подскажите пожалуйста, почему иногда в сафари не запускается звук в стриме? Картинка есть, а звук - нет. Причем, происходит это вне зависимости от того, включен звук на устройстве физической кнопкой или нет. Так же, бывает, некоторые стримы запускаются сразу с включенным звуком без...
  14. Mik

    Помогите, пожалуйста, с дигностикой черных экранов ios/safari

    Добрый день. Логи приложил. Проблемная сессия: два клиента ios и windows в 10:51 - 10:53. Windows видит IOS, но не слышит. На IOS просто черный экран.
  15. Gabriel Augusto

    Stream record problem on Safari

    I am having some problems on stream recording of webm video. A few days ago the safari browser stopped recording, creating the session apparently works well, but when i try to publish the stream to start recording, i always get a failure status, but chrome on android/windons works fine. The...
  16. K

    Cannot play mixer stream in iOS

    Hello, We cannot get mixer video playing in iOS. After stream is created, we get a black video area. Then after a minute "Failed By ICE timeout" error appears. We tested this on various iOS devices, so it seems to be the general error. Note that "Two-way Streaming" example works, so this is...
  17. Dani

    can't open steam on iphone 11 and 12 while in a phone call.

    Finally figured out the issue with iphone11 and iphone12 - and it is reproduced with your own demo. You can't publish a stream while using the phone (regular call).
  18. S

    Websdk issue ios camera toggle from version (october)

    Hi there Seems like there's an issue with media devices on IOS going from websdk to all new versions including the latest Running latest wcs 5.2.873 We have a video chat where users can toggle cameras, on android it works ok, on ios tested version 14.0 and...
  19. K

    Stream issue on iPhone

    Hello, We have a very strange error with one of our iPhones (iOS 14.2). It cannot start streaming, just shows black local video area. No logs, no visible errors, nothing. We tried "Stream diagnostic" example hosted on our server and got the following...
  20. T

    iPhone Stream Recording won't play video

    Hi We've found an issue regarding iPhone Xs where, after doing a stream recording and playing it back, sometimes the video is frozen and is orientated differently to how it was recorded (audio stream continues to play). We would go to our hosted WCS Stream Recording demo page and record a...