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  1. ekamaster

    Не проигрывается нативный HLS в Safari ios

    OS: ios Проблема: проигрывается hls native в chrome, но не проигрывается в Safari ------------------- HLS проигрывается на том же ios в Chrome, но отказывается проиграться в Safari. За проигрывание на ios в разных браузерах в js отвечает один и тот же код, не сильно отличающийся от того, что в...
  2. smartbet

    Issue with ios Canvas player

    Hi Dear support. Canvas creating 2 times.
  3. L

    Отсутствие звука в iOS 14

    Возникла такая проблема, при публикации WebRTC потока с телефона, а именно iOS 14 + Safari отключаются все звуки на сайте для паблишера, а также отключаются звуки нажатий клавиш (тапов по клавиатуре), системный звуки уведомления етц. Как только публикация прекращается всё возвращается в норму.
  4. M

    Rest hook validation on version 5.2.791 broken WebRTC in iPhone

    After updating to the version 5.2.791 the WebRTC publish and play events on iPhone stopped working if we enable rest hook validation. Flashphoner creates the session but throws STREAM_STATUS.FAILED. Our rest validation is returning http 200. Same rest validation is working on Android and...
  5. A

    iPhone issue in Video Chat

    Hi there, We are testing the video chat service for client and are almost ready to go for production, however the client have noticed that the Video chat is only working one sided from earlier versions of iOS 12 and earlier... however it was also noticed that the MCU_Client app is running OK...
  6. M

    Demo not working on Iphone XS

    Hi, We have tested the demo on safari browser of Apple Iphone xs and it is not working. This is the link we used Kindly assist. Thanks MA
  7. Dani

    iphone video freeze

    Hi, we're using an almost year old version of the sever/ api. the reason is that whenever we tried to upgrade - iPhone video is frozen. No issues on MAC and no issue on android. I can also confirm that the OTHER side see the "frozen" video as live - the problem looks local to iphone (trying...
  8. T

    Documented scripts working only on desktops?

    Hello all, newbie here. I want to provide my broadcasters with a simple tool, so I grabbed this piece of code that works fine on desktops (as far as I tried), but the "publish" button will not do anything on a smartphone. Any clues? I'm also open to an alternative solution anyone may have. My...
  9. T

    Video chat not working with iPhone in power save mode

    Hi. When launching the video chat and conference examples, I never get the "allow to share camera and microphone" question when using a iPhone with IOS 13.3.1 when the device is in power save mode. The media devices and Two-Way streamer examples works in power save mode - the "allow to share...