FlashPhoner on Webview on Android iOS App not working


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I use react native and I use WebView on App to connect WebRTC it's work on iOS 14 or lower but after v 15 it's not work at all.
So, I want solution solve this problem.
Please advice.


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Good day.
Please check if the same page you opening in iOS WebView is working in iOS Safari 15.1
Please also test if Media Devices example form our demo server is working in iOS Safari 15.1 and iOS WebView https://demo.flashphoner.com:8888/c...dia_devices_manager/media_device_manager.html
Note that you must enable orientation support to publish WebRTC in iOS 15.1

This is a known iOS Safari bug which should be fixed in 15.2
If you're testing with your own WCS instance, update WCS to build 5.2.1086 (includes WebSDK build 2.0.205).