ios sdk

  1. Ivan Balychev

    Управление микрофоном/звуком для iOS sdk

    1. При вызове функции play (FPWCSApi2Stream) происходит запрос разрешения NSMicrophoneUsageDescription - на форуме был подобный вопрос, однако ответ в том обсуждении - убрать из plist этот пермишн и все, однако: - - при отсутствии данного ключа в info.plist происходит краш приложения (нужно...
  2. andrew.n

    Video freezes when moving the app to background

    There is a small issue that I have after I start the streaming, If I move the app to background, and open another app etc, when I open the app again, the streaming view is frozen. I tried to call muteVideo function on applicationWillResignActive, and call again unmuteVideo on...
  3. andrew.n

    Handling Deactivating an audio session that has running I/O.

    After we start broadcasting we have some events where we play some local audio files using an AVPlayer. The problem is that the OS is closing the audio session that is used by FlashPhoner SDK. debug logs: Deactivating an audio session that has running I/O. All I/O should be stopped or paused...
  4. Alec

    iOS SDK - Add headers to websocket connection

    Is there the possibility of being able to add headers into the websocket connection at all? I need to add Sec-WebSocket-Protocol: sip to the handshake
  5. andrew.n

    Swift Package Manager support

    Long story short, for more than 1 year ago, Apple released SPM as a replacement for CocoaPods and Carthage. The first issue is that if we use FlashPhoner in our app, we cannot enable SPM at all, because it requires the Build System option: "New Build System". FlashPhoner integration required...
  6. gora

    Краш iOS приложения в момент запуска стрима

    Добрый день! Столкнулся с проблемой, приложение сразу же крашится при старте стрима, либо при подключению к стриму. Если подключаться к стриму без видео потока, то краша нет и звук слышно. *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[RTCVideoFrame...
  7. andrew.n

    Video distortion when changing RTCEAGLVideoView size

    I use 2 RTCEAGLVideoViews, one to play the remote link and one for broadcasting. When the streamers are ready, the delegate method - (void)videoView: (RTCEAGLVideoView *)videoView didChangeVideoSize: (CGSize)size; is called and I set the videoView.layer.frame properly. We have the following...
  8. andrew.n

    iOS RTCEAGLVideoView layout issues

    I saw in the demo projects that everything is added by code, no XIBs/Storyboards. I want to ask if there are some limitations to RTCEAGLVideoView and using auto layout. I placed one RTCEAGLVideoView full screen (top, leading, trailing, bottom, center X, center Y) constraints. When the stream...
  9. andrew.n

    iOS stream switch camera issue

    Context: Using two-way streaming service I have separated properties for sessions and streams private var playURLSession: FPWCSApi2Session? private var broadcastURLSession: FPWCSApi2Session? private var playURLStream: FPWCSApi2Stream? private var broadcastURLStream...
  10. andrew.n

    RTCEAGLVideoView aspect mode aspect fit (as we have for UIImageView)

    Context: I start the two-way streaming service by calling User B (iPhone) from User A (macOS - Chrome browser). On the iPhone, I display two RTCEAGLVideoView, one for broadcasting and one for playing remote streaming. The problem is that on my mac I start the call in landscape and on iPhone, I...
  11. F

    Не собирается проект с iOS SDK

    FPWCSApi2.framework has missing or invalid CFBundleExecutable in its Info.plist проект
  12. P

    iOS memory leak

    I face a weird memory problem when starting/stopping publishing. Every time when i flip the camera, I reinit constraints with appropriate "setDeviceID" value. When not publishing, this reinit works as expected, but as soon as "RTCEAGLVideoView" is used in a "FPWCSApi2Stream", the...