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  1. andrew.n

    Swift Package Manager support

    Long story short, for more than 1 year ago, Apple released SPM as a replacement for CocoaPods and Carthage. The first issue is that if we use FlashPhoner in our app, we cannot enable SPM at all, because it requires the Build System option: "New Build System". FlashPhoner integration required...
  2. gora

    Краш iOS приложения в момент запуска стрима

    Добрый день! Столкнулся с проблемой, приложение сразу же крашится при старте стрима, либо при подключению к стриму. Если подключаться к стриму без видео потока, то краша нет и звук слышно. *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[RTCVideoFrame...
  3. andrew.n

    Video distortion when changing RTCEAGLVideoView size

    I use 2 RTCEAGLVideoViews, one to play the remote link and one for broadcasting. When the streamers are ready, the delegate method - (void)videoView: (RTCEAGLVideoView *)videoView didChangeVideoSize: (CGSize)size; is called and I set the videoView.layer.frame properly. We have the following...
  4. andrew.n

    iOS RTCEAGLVideoView layout issues

    I saw in the demo projects that everything is added by code, no XIBs/Storyboards. I want to ask if there are some limitations to RTCEAGLVideoView and using auto layout. I placed one RTCEAGLVideoView full screen (top, leading, trailing, bottom, center X, center Y) constraints. When the stream...
  5. andrew.n

    iOS stream switch camera issue

    Context: Using two-way streaming service I have separated properties for sessions and streams private var playURLSession: FPWCSApi2Session? private var broadcastURLSession: FPWCSApi2Session? private var playURLStream: FPWCSApi2Stream? private var broadcastURLStream...
  6. andrew.n

    RTCEAGLVideoView aspect mode aspect fit (as we have for UIImageView)

    Context: I start the two-way streaming service by calling User B (iPhone) from User A (macOS - Chrome browser). On the iPhone, I display two RTCEAGLVideoView, one for broadcasting and one for playing remote streaming. The problem is that on my mac I start the call in landscape and on iPhone, I...
  7. F

    Не собирается проект с iOS SDK

    FPWCSApi2.framework has missing or invalid CFBundleExecutable in its Info.plist проект