IOS SDK doesn't disconnect calls terminated by the called party


Hi all,
we are using SDK IOS 2.6.105.
Our app is a dialer that calls to normal phones dialing the MSISDN (que use asterisk connected with a trunk to an SBC to deliver this kind of calls). We don't have problems with the audio stream in both direcctions, however, when the called party hangs up the call , the app many times doesn't disconnect it. It happens randomly, some times it hangs up but others doesn't.
In both cases, working and failing, the CDR logs shows the same:

0553x4641xxx05;34637xxxx2*;08168B6F-5819-4B31-ADC4-C780B4762A8D;2023-01-31 12:00:42;2023-01-31 12:00:42;2023-01-31 12:01:01;18;ANSWERED;Normal call clearing;/xx.xx.184.26:49176/

Kind regards and thanks in advance


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Good day.
Please check if the issue is reproducing with sample Phone Min application (code description). If not, please check if you correctly handling callStatusFinish callback for incoming calls in your application.
Also, please check the issue with web example Phone Min https://wcs:8444/client2/examples/demo/sip/phone/phone.html. If the issue is reproducing with the example, please collect a report including a traffic dump and send using this form.


Thanks a lot
Finally it seems that we had a bug with the navigation controller. We fixed it and it works now.