1. V

    Issue in playing camera stream through RTMP encoder

    Hi, I have converted the rtsp stream of my IP camera to flashphoner rtmp encoder using FFmpeg. I am pushing the camera stream from my on premise server to WCS. FFMPEG can push the stream to RTMP endpoint. When I try to play the live stream from demo player. It shows status as "Playing" but...
  2. R

    Increase video quality

    Hello! We are using H.264 codec profile (baseline). Is there any other settings or profiles to be created or adjusted to increase video quality? Thanks, Rafael
  3. R

    Increase audio bitrate

    Hello! Audio bitrate appear to be near 96kbps. We expect 320 or 192 kbps. Where we can adjust it on RTMP -> Webrtc? Thanks
  4. V

    Pushing RSTP stream to WCS

    Is there a way to push the rtsp stream to WCS. My requirement is to push the rstp stream of IP camera to WCS, but I don't have a public IP for my camera. Is there a way to push the rtsp stream using private IP to WCS.
  5. R

    RTMP - Set a username and password for publisher

    Hello! How can I add a password and username to publishers on RTMP?
  6. D

    Трансляция видео микшера в RTMP

    Добрый день. Как-то нестабильно ретранслируется в RTMP. Сложно объяснить, но попробую. До пятницы все работало нормально. Создаются WebRTC стримы -> создается микшер -> создается транспондер для этого микшера с указанием проициализированной RTMP линки на Azure Live Stream -> aктивный стрим...
  7. J

    Help with FFMPEG + streamer.py

    I read your article https://flashphoner.com/how-to-grab-a-video-from-youtube-and-share-it-via-webrtc-in-real-time/and when I ran the script I got the following error: $ sudo python streamer.py https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwLJ995H live rtmp:// ubuntu@tool:~/yt-live2nginx$ ffmpeg...
  8. burak guder

    is it possible Screen sharing to rtmp re-stream ?

    Hi FlashPhoner is it possible to send screen sharing to rtmp server? can you offering sample code ? tnx
  9. W

    WebRTC, WSPlayer automatic stop playing stream every minute

    We have issue when playing WebRTC,WSPlayer player in embed player demo for around 1-2 minutes, the playing stream always report status disconnected or failed. Additional Information 1. WebCallServer version 5.2.591 (Upgrade yesterday) 2. OBS newest version is broadcaster and stream as rtmp://...