1. ajayalag1974

    Permanently Publish Stream pulled from RTMP Source Efficiently

    Hi, I want to permanently publish a stream (ch_1) on WCS-5 which is pulled from a RTMP Source URL (rtmp://xyz..) 1. I want to permanently publish a Stream with name: "ch_1" to be played view embed_player Iframe/Link 2. Which pulls its video from a RTMP Source URL something like...
  2. P

    Поддержка RTMPS

    Здравствуйте, с точки зрения клиентского соединения, есть ли поддержка RTMPS? Все примеры на Flash/Flex используют только RTMP.
  3. appsgenii

    Flashphoner stop working

    My videos streams were working fine but it stoped today without any changes done on server. I have tried rtmp and rtsp both they are working directly on VLC but not from flashphoner. Getting this error when trying to stream from admin panal as well. FAILED Failed by ICE timeout Regards Adnan
  4. tyagi5011

    How to change default WSS adress in Webrtc as rtmp rebublishing

    I want to change the default wss address in webrtc as rtmp rebublishing because i installed the wcs on another server so i want that adress to be default I checked this method but it is not working. please help. function init_page() { $("#url").val("wss://wcs_address:8443")...
  5. V

    Can't play rtmp video while playing

    Hi, I have a bug. Can't play rtmp video while playing. How can fix it?
  6. tyagi5011

    How can i restream to youtube and facebook.

    I followed the documentation but i did not understand it. and i am not able to find rtmp_transponder_stream_name_prefix=rtmp_ in usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/conf/Flashphoner.properties. Please help me how can I do this. Please guide me how can I restream the video to youtube and...
  7. L

    Авто отключение rtmp

    Когда дал команду /pull/rtmp/pull на захват потока, через какое то время поток пропадает из сервера если его не просматривать. Как можно убрать такую опцию до того как поток сам перестанет публиковаться или принудительный стоп командой.
  8. vanarie

    Twilio group sceen to RTMP

    Hello, I've been testing with WCS and setup a test server. I was able to get webRTC -> WCS -> RTMP working from the install and read the rtmp://myserver stream with VLC media player. I assume that's a good test. My goal now is to find a good, scalable way to port a video meeting conference...
  9. J

    Republishing edited video stream

    I'm building an app to use webrtc to capture video from web browser, stream it as RTMP stream, edited the RTMP stream using ffmpeg then forward it to FB or Instagram. To add to above, I want to re-publish the edited video stream as a new RTMP stream...how do I do that in Flashphoner/webcallserver?
  10. S

    webm -> mp4

    Приветствую. В давнем посте было указано что поставлен тикет "feature request WCS-1217" на решение проблемы с декодингом webm в mp4...
  11. S

    How to protect RTMP ingest?

    As far as I can tell, there's no way to prevent users from using any RTMP stream key they want to stream to WCS, is this correct? If so, then is it possible to protect against unauthorized streams using an authorization hook as described here? If yes, where do we configure which hook to call...
  12. dmitry1987

    При стриминге потока без видео он не воспроизводится на demo плеере

    Если стримить с видео то поток воспроизводится и с видео и с аудио , если же стримить поток с одним аудио то он не воспроизводится в демо плеере https://demo.flashphoner.com:8888/admin/demo.html Пример стриминга: ffmpeg -re -i screenrecord2.mov -map a -acodec mp3 -f flv...
  13. tom-cf

    WebRTC as RTMP re-publishing results in low video quality

    Hello, I'm using WCS to republish WebRTC as RTMP and the resulting video is very low quality. It looks ok in the Flashphoner dashboard/website but when published is unusably pixelated. This happens when using both Chrome on my MacBook Pro and Safari on my iPhone. My download/upload speeds are...
  14. V

    total no of users watching my rtmp stream

    hi can you tell me how to see the count of total no of users watching my 1 rtmp stream using embed player html
  15. R

    Get RTMP from another server like wowza or red5

    Hello! How can I push/pull a stream from another server ... example, we have a RTMP stream from Wowza, and would like to add it to our ROOM ... is there an API to this?
  16. R

    Vmix vs OBS - RTMP

    Hello! If we stream from VMIX, we got audio first .. later image. If we stream from OBS, audio & video are sync. Both streams are 0 losts and we monitor it 4 hours. Everytime SYNC AUDIO from VMIX is in front of video and OBS audio & video sync are floating ... sometimes audio is first...
  17. domi91c

    WebRTC to RTMP: Reducing latency

    I recently setup WCS5 on an AWS micro instance. My web app allows two users to have a conversation through WebRTC, and I'm sending one side of that conversation to Flashphoner to be converted in real-time to an RTMP stream, which I then feed into OBS as a Media Source. From the web app to OBS...
  18. R

    RTMP -> HLS - Audio Wihout Sync

    Hello! We are streaming from VMIX to Youtube and FlashPhoner. On Youtube we got SYNC audio x video. On our structure, we got Audio and Video after some time, lost the sync and do not recover. We have an ORIGIN server and EDGE on Google Cloud. We can see the lost of SYNC on WebRTC and M3MU...
  19. V

    RTMP Streaming Not Working with WireCast

    Hi, PFA video and rtmp settings that default configure with wirecast and vmix for vmix same setting works fine but we purchased license of wirecast only but wirecast is not connecting properly with your rtmp kindly help us with us even we had purchased your monthly subscriptions WSS5.
  20. Y

    Re-Publish YouTube stream using FlashPhoner Server

    Hello Team, I want to re-publish the youtube stream using flashphoner server and then use it in any RMTP. So can you provide me what things I need to do or what setting to implement it? If it is possible on the "flashphoner server", then what are the steps to configure it. Can we need to...