RTMP Signal to RoomApi


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Is it possible to inject a rtmp stream in a conference room?

I am using the RoomApi and I am able to send a RTMP signal to the WebCall Server and I am able to view the rtmp signal in a WebRTC - Player.

My issue is, is it possible to get this signal into an existing Room created over the RoomApi.

Could you please help me with this, it is very important for me.



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Good day.
RoomApi is just a messaging signaling wrapper. You can play any stream published to server at participants page. For example:
1. A participant enters the room (without publishing a WebRTC stream)
2. A participant publishes RTMP stream with a predefined name like room1-user1
3. Other participants should play that stream via WebRTC by name (not using Participant.play() method)