1. R

    Get RTMP from another server like wowza or red5

    Hello! How can I push/pull a stream from another server ... example, we have a RTMP stream from Wowza, and would like to add it to our ROOM ... is there an API to this?
  2. R

    Vmix vs OBS - RTMP

    Hello! If we stream from VMIX, we got audio first .. later image. If we stream from OBS, audio & video are sync. Both streams are 0 losts and we monitor it 4 hours. Everytime SYNC AUDIO from VMIX is in front of video and OBS audio & video sync are floating ... sometimes audio is first...
  3. domi91c

    WebRTC to RTMP: Reducing latency

    I recently setup WCS5 on an AWS micro instance. My web app allows two users to have a conversation through WebRTC, and I'm sending one side of that conversation to Flashphoner to be converted in real-time to an RTMP stream, which I then feed into OBS as a Media Source. From the web app to OBS...
  4. R

    RTMP -> HLS - Audio Wihout Sync

    Hello! We are streaming from VMIX to Youtube and FlashPhoner. On Youtube we got SYNC audio x video. On our structure, we got Audio and Video after some time, lost the sync and do not recover. We have an ORIGIN server and EDGE on Google Cloud. We can see the lost of SYNC on WebRTC and M3MU...
  5. V

    RTMP Streaming Not Working with WireCast

    Hi, PFA video and rtmp settings that default configure with wirecast and vmix for vmix same setting works fine but we purchased license of wirecast only but wirecast is not connecting properly with your rtmp kindly help us with us even we had purchased your monthly subscriptions WSS5.
  6. Y

    Re-Publish YouTube stream using FlashPhoner Server

    Hello Team, I want to re-publish the youtube stream using flashphoner server and then use it in any RMTP. So can you provide me what things I need to do or what setting to implement it? If it is possible on the "flashphoner server", then what are the steps to configure it. Can we need to...
  7. B


    Hi, After reading the documentation I can't find a way to use WCS as RTMP gw and convert RTMP (input) to SIP/RTP (output) , only SIP/RTP to RTMP. Is it possible? Is there an exemple? Thx in advance
  8. A

    Embed text/images overlay in live stream video

    Hi Team, I have a requirement where we need to embed texts/images in a live stream video on the fly. Do the API provide such a facility? Can you please share the documentation link for the same? I have attached the image with text as well as image containing the logo/price. We need to embed...
  9. Y

    Can not start transponder Error

    I tried to calling URL ("https://wcs5-eu.flashphoner.com:8888/rest-api/push/startup") I am getting "Can not start transponder Error". request body mention in the Screenshot. Please help me to solve this issue.
  10. M

    OBS stream via RTMP very slow and deconnecting in player

    Hi, I set up a Webcallserver with the AWS template. Have a remote server with OBS running streaming 1280x720@30 fps Internet is very good on all device. But when I enter the information on the player It take a few second to load the stream. I a can see a frame then another a few second after...
  11. R

    Automatic Record RTMP streams

    Hello! There is an way to automatic recorder all rtmp input streams without use API?
  12. R

    Server error: Stream already exists.

    Hello! When we lost connection to server, we got this message and needs a server restart to get connected again to publish RTMP. Stream #0:1: Audio: pcm_s16le, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 1536 kb/s [tcp @ 02d2bd80] TCP Buffer has been set to 1683456 bytes [rtmp @ 08a99b40] Server error: Stream...
  13. V

    Issue in playing camera stream through RTMP encoder

    Hi, I have converted the rtsp stream of my IP camera to flashphoner rtmp encoder using FFmpeg. I am pushing the camera stream from my on premise server to WCS. FFMPEG can push the stream to RTMP endpoint. When I try to play the live stream from demo player. It shows status as "Playing" but...
  14. R

    Increase video quality

    Hello! We are using H.264 codec profile (baseline). Is there any other settings or profiles to be created or adjusted to increase video quality? Thanks, Rafael
  15. R

    Increase audio bitrate

    Hello! Audio bitrate appear to be near 96kbps. We expect 320 or 192 kbps. Where we can adjust it on RTMP -> Webrtc? Thanks
  16. V

    Pushing RSTP stream to WCS

    Is there a way to push the rtsp stream to WCS. My requirement is to push the rstp stream of IP camera to WCS, but I don't have a public IP for my camera. Is there a way to push the rtsp stream using private IP to WCS.
  17. R

    RTMP - Set a username and password for publisher

    Hello! How can I add a password and username to publishers on RTMP?
  18. D

    Трансляция видео микшера в RTMP

    Добрый день. Как-то нестабильно ретранслируется в RTMP. Сложно объяснить, но попробую. До пятницы все работало нормально. Создаются WebRTC стримы -> создается микшер -> создается транспондер для этого микшера с указанием проициализированной RTMP линки на Azure Live Stream -> aктивный стрим...
  19. J

    Help with FFMPEG + streamer.py

    I read your article https://flashphoner.com/how-to-grab-a-video-from-youtube-and-share-it-via-webrtc-in-real-time/and when I ran the script I got the following error: $ sudo python streamer.py https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwLJ995H live rtmp:// ubuntu@tool:~/yt-live2nginx$ ffmpeg...
  20. burak guder

    is it possible Screen sharing to rtmp re-stream ?

    Hi FlashPhoner is it possible to send screen sharing to rtmp server? can you offering sample code ? tnx