Vmix vs OBS - RTMP


If we stream from VMIX, we got audio first .. later image.
If we stream from OBS, audio & video are sync.

Both streams are 0 losts and we monitor it 4 hours.
Everytime SYNC AUDIO from VMIX is in front of video and OBS audio & video sync are floating ... sometimes audio is first, sometimes video is first.

VIDEO_SYNC: 2406898
AUDIO_SYNC: 2406952

VIDEO_SYNC: 7084300
AUDIO_SYNC: 7084288


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Good day.
The sample metric values provided show AV synchronization 54 ms for Vmix published stream and 12 ms for OBS, and both values seems acceptable for correct lipsync.
You can lso monitor AV sync value for the stream on statistics page http://wcs:8081/?action=stat, for example
-----Stream Stats-----
This value is from our test with Vmix with the latest WCS build.
Do you observe any lipsync issue with such AV synchronization values?


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Please collect a report as described here including client debug logs and traffic dump on server port 1935 for out of sync publishing. Traffic dump collection should be started before publishing the stream. Then, send the report using this link. We will check the logs and the stream itself (from traffic dump)