AdapterJS is not defined


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I'm using the SDK with Vuejs and I'm getting the error:
ReferenceError: AdapterJS is not defined at Object.init.
I've done npm install multiple times and still this issue persists. anyone know how to solve?


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Hello Max,
On localhost - I dont get this error. but when accessing the site from another computer on the network - I get this error once again.
This happens on the Flashphoner init method.

I compiled this: and when accessing on localhost - works fine. but again - i get the same error when on another pc in the network. I dont get any other information from the error message besides what I wrote.


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We built the example form latest available sources according to this manual Building the project and deployed dist folder to an external server. It's working.
Please note that you should open the example built https://yourhost/two-way-streaming-vue/index.html via HTTPS, not HTTP. WebRTC streaming does not work via unsecure HTTP unless you're deploying and opening from localhost. So you have to set up domain and SSL certificate on your web server.


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thanks Max. my issue was that my Vuejs app was served in http and not https so webrtc didnt work properly - only on localhost