Best server for flashphoner? Budget: 2.000 €


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Hey guys,

we want to buy a server (ubuntu) to integrate flashphoner in our LAN. Do you have any hints, how the best server for this usecase would look like? I assume much CPU power?

There will by only ubuntu and flashphoner on this server – nothing else.
We have around 60 cameras in our lan and need around 100-180 streams at the same time. (3 streams from each camera)
The stream quality can be low (640x480 is enough) but has to be realtime
Server, Cameras and Clients are all in the same LAN
The server will be in a rack and shouldn’t cost more than 2.000 €

Thanks for your hints!


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Some calculations related your request.
We assume you don't use transcoding and play streams as is without resolution change.

We do load tests on 1U servers HP G8 360p 2 x CPU Xeon E5-2690v2 10-12 cores per CPU, 2.5 - 3Ghz per CPU. 64-128 GB RAM DDR3-PC12800, 500 GB SSD, 10 Gbps network card. This server is good enough to handle thousands of streams because of 10 Gbps bandwidth in our LAN. If your LAN is 1 gbps, you should be able to handle few hundreds of streams, make sure your LAN is not congested by video traffic. Overall hardware price is $600 - 1200 USD. You can also consider other vendors (Supermicro, Dell) or newer generations G9, G10 with newer CPUs.